A Secret Suzhou Town with Designer Wedding Dresses as Cheap as $300

Everybody wants to look their prettiest on their wedding day, that’s given! But mention the term “wedding” and everything instantly quadruples or more in prices. For example, doing a overseas photography shoot cost $500, doing a overseas pre wedding photography shoot cost $2000. A dress cost you $100, get a wedding dress and it’s $1000. It’s no wonder that the wedding industry is a multi-billion industry.

But it really doesn’t have to be the case!


Being a newly engaged couple ourselves (see our Skydiving Proposal), we understand your pain and want to share with you about a secret mini town in Suzhou with Designer Wedding Dresses that are as cheap as $300.

Suchou’s Hu Qiu Hun Sha Jie – Cheap Designer Wedding Dresses

Just an hour’s drive away from Wuxi (another great town to do your overseas pre wedding photography) is it’s sister city, Suzhou. And aside from all the popular tourist spots and things to do in Suzhou (which we would cover in the upcoming articles), is it’s well hidden secret – Suzhou Hu Qiu Hun Sha Jie (虎丘婚纱街 – Translated as Hu Qiu Wedding Dress Street)

More of an entire area than a mere street, Suzhou’s Hu Qiu Hun Sha Jie is one of the better kept secret mostly known only to locals (and now to the readers of our Singapore Travel Blog). It is street after street of wedding dresses, gowns, suits etc, everything you need to wear for/on your wedding day and all at ridiculously insane pricing, and I do mean ridiculously!

For example, a relative of ours who got their wedding dress in Suzhou, paid about SG$300~400 for a walk-in wedding gown (the kind with those long lingering dress) as compared to getting it in Singapore where just renting it alone can cost upwards of a few hundred/thousands of dollars. Other wedding dress she got such as for the Tea Ceremony, Second March-in etc, all cost less than SG$200 each!


But don’t let the astonishingly cheap pricing fool you, the prices are not a reflection of bad design or poor quality. The designs are almost Vera Wang like (if we say so ourselves) and the price is purely because of the cheaper production cost without the branding.

Aside from being extremely cheap, the best part about getting your wedding dresses from there is that you don’t even have to custom-make your gown. A lot of their wedding dresses comes with an adjustable “strap” that you would be able to lace up regardless of your size and still have it fit you perfect.

Again, Suzhou’s Hu Qiu Hun Sha Jie, is streets after street of endless shops selling nothing but wedding stuff (yes that includes guy clothes, wedding favors etc). So if you can’t find a design you like at an affordable price, simply move on to the next! Think of it as a one stop solution to all your wedding day needs.

For those who question the quality/designs, we ask for you to check with your local bridal shop where was the beautiful wedding dress that they proudly have on their shop front display made. Cause for all you know, it might have just came straight from one of the shops right here at Suzhou’s wedding dress street. We are merely suggesting that you cut out paying the expensive middle-man (the local bridal shop), and simply replacing it with TigerAir.

Getting to Suzhou Cheap Designer Wedding Dress Street

TigerAir now flies directly to Wuxi and getting your  Designer Wedding Dresses from Suzhou at affordable prices is now just a 6 hours journey away.

Simply book any one of the 4 flights TigerAir flies to Wuxi every week and upon arrival, take their local train across to their sister city, Suzhou which is no longer than an hours ride away.

Once there, take a cab or Uber and tell them you would want to get to Hu Qiu Hun Sha Jie (虎丘婚纱街) and WALA! You are in Wedding Dress Heaven!

We know you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, we do too, but that doesn’t mean you would have to splurge your entire life savings on your wedding. If you really sit down and think about it, if you add up the sum of TigerAir‘s affordable air tickets with the price of the cheap wedding dresses you’ll be getting, you probably still might save so much more than if you had just chose to rent one in Singapore.

To further offset the cost, you can even choose to sell your gown after (afterall, you probably only wear it once) and have the best of both worlds – look good on your wedding day & a fat bank account.

We hope our travel blog has been useful and don’t forget to share this article with all your friends and family members who are looking for wedding dresses and/or are about to get married! We are pretty sure they’ll be very thankful that you did!


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