Go Somewhere Different: 3D2N Wuxi Getaway

If you have been too caught up at work and you are starting to dread the days, we always recommend our friends and family to get a short weekend trip away to relax, recharge and regroup. You’ll be surprised what a short getaway can do to your mental state. The only issue is that the weekend getaway option for Singaporeans is always limited to Bangkok, Batam, Hong Kong etc. Why not try exploring somewhere new? Why not Wuxi? Tiger air has recently started launching super affordable place to this hidden gem.

Not too long ago, our Singapore Travel Blog was honoured to be invited to Tiger Air’s inaugural flight to Wuxi, China. Wuxi is an age old city, situated at the southern Jiangsu province. A trip to China doesn’t cost much, and you will be amazed at what Wuxi can offer. Here’s a short 3D2N Wuxi itinerary that allows you to explore 2 amazing cities in 1 trip!

Day 1 – Things to do in Wuxi

Mount Lingshan Grand Buddha

When in Wuxi, you have to visit the Mount Lingshan Grand Buddha. This park is home to the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world, standing tall with an impressive height of 88 meters. Even if you are not a buddhist, a visit to Mount Lingshan allows you to climb all the way up for a breathtaking view from the top.

Vegetarian lunch buffet is available if you purchase the meal coupons in the main hall.

As the area is really huge with a lot to explore (also taking into consideration the hordes of locals and tourists visiting this place) we recommend starting your visit here early so as not to miss out on anything.

Take their tram to get from place to place and expect to be wow by their amazing architecture and just how grand the entire place is. One of the place we do recommend visiting is the Vatican Palace where they would have performance and shows about the story of Buddha (check with the ticketing counter for timings)

For believers, you can even purchase a small token and write your wishes and hang it outside the Buddha temple.


Slightly after lunch, you can make a quick stop at Turtle Head Isle, as known as “Yuan Tou Zhu”. Interestingly, its name comes from its resemblance of a turtle head, and it is a popular scenic spot for many tourists.

The turtle head isle is situated on the northwest shore of Tai Hu.

Pictured is the Changchun Bridge in Yuantouzhu.

Nanchang Street

End off your night by heading to a famous traditional street called Nanchang Street. Walk along the canal and immerse into the ancient structures and traditional vibes surrounding this place. Aside from the shops, cafes and bars that can be found along this place, one of the popular tourist draw is the QingMing bridge, the largest and also the best preserved stone arch bridge within Wuxi. If you are in the mood, take a local boat that ferries you around the canal.

Day 2 – Things to do in Suzhou

Lion Grove Garden

Make your way to Suzhou, which is a relatively short car ride away from Wuxi. Head to the Lion Grove Garden, which is one of the most famous ancient-styled  garden in the city of Suzhou, and it is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you love Zen concepts, you will fall in love with this place for sure! Its main attraction are its maze of rock pieces that takes interesting shapes.

As per it’s name, there are Lion Shaped stone statues around the garden. So don’t forget to try and spot them when you are exploring the area.

Hanshan Temple

Hanshan temple is one of the many Buddhist temple in Suzhou. Its name, Hanshan, is a literal translation of “Cold Mountain”. It is believed that this temple is founded between the year 502-519, during the reign of Emperor Wu, in the Tianjian era.

The gardens are decorated with lush greenery and as you take a walk through the temple, the peaceful surrounding gives off a sense of calmness and relieve to one’s mind. Don’t forget to also climb the pagoda to which makes for a great panoramic view especially during sunset.

Panmen Gate aka Pan Gate

Panmen Gate, is an ancient city wall that was built to protect Suzhou in the past, kinda like the Great Wall of Beijing. It is a historical landmark in the city thus drawing a decent number of crowds year after year. Here you can learn more about war techniques during the olden China days and for a small fee, even dress up in General costumes for a photo opportunity.

Yes we know, it may be quite a tight schedule for a short weekend trip, but you wont regret it! Life is too short to sit back and consider all the what ifs. Thanks to Tiger Air, many cities that are once inaccessible are now within a mouse click away. so waste no time, and start exploring a new city other than Bangkok or Batam!

Additional places to explore around Wuxi & Suzhou:


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