Wuxi China: The Hidden Gem for Your Overseas Pre Wedding Photography

A marriage is a beautiful thing, the tying of two souls for eternity, the symbol of everlasting love, the celebration of finding your other half. Most couples choose to do a pre wedding photoshoot to hold a tangible memory of this once in a lifetime event. However, with the limited land space that Singapore is provided with, most young couples are now looking at overseas pre wedding photography to differentiate their shots from their friends. But even so, with so many couples now increasingly turning to nearby places such as Korea, Japan (for their cherry blossoms) etc, even doing a photo shoot in those countries don’t seem so special anymore.

But Brides to be, it’s time to rejoice cause if you haven’t already heard, TigerAir now flies to Wuxi 4 times a week, and as our Singapore Travel Blog recently found out first hand, Wuxi China is a hidden gem for Singaporeans looking to do a Overseas Pre Wedding Photography shoot. Here is 5 reasons to justify why:

1) Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: It’s Beautiful

Overseas Pre Wedding Photography(Photo credits: spotted-photo)

Our Travel Blog recently took a trip to Wuxi and our itinerary was filled with visits to famous parks, gardens, lakes, streets etc, and all we could think of throughout the trip was what a beautiful city Wuxi is.

Wuxi, most famously known for Lake Tai, draws people from around the world to the city for their unique and beautiful sceneries. These natural settings coupled with the Chinese Architectural designs of their bridges, houses, temples, roofs etc makes for a modern touch to a photo that screams the Chinese Cultural Heritage. Taking your Pre Wedding shoots there would result in pictures that you just can’t find in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. (*PS We will be uploading more photos we took there in the upcoming articles and on our Instagram)

2) Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: Not as many people


(Chanced upon an ongoing pre wedding shoot when we were there)

When you think of having a Chinese Cultural Pre Wedding Photoshoot, most people think of the bigger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai etc. While these cities are indeed beautiful, big cities come with their own problems as well.

Take for example the population size. Wuxi is approximately 4788km2 and has 1.4 million people. Beijing has a land size of 16,411km2, and even though that is 4 times the size of Wuxi, they have 11.51million. That’s almost 10 times the population Wuxi has.

With that many people in Beijing, you are bound to have at least a few photobombers in your wedding shot. Wuxi on the other hand, has relatively lesser people and you have a better chance in taking beautiful pictures.

3) Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: Cherry Blossoms


Cherry Blossoms, also known as Sakura, is widely regarded as one of the prettiest flower and is often one of the most desired things to have in a pre wedding shoot. So when most people wish to see Cherry Blossoms, they often choose to fly to Japan. But what is not known to many is that these pretty flowers can too be found in China, Wuxi. Schedule your Overseas Pre Wedding Photography to be done in Mid March ~ Mid April and take lovely wedding shots with these beautiful flowers that can only be found in that many countries in the world.

4) Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: It’s Affordable & Accessible

We have been to Wuxi before our recent trip. That time, we had to fly in to Shanghai and switch to a 2 hour long drive just to get there. But with TigerAir now flying direct into Wuxi 4 times a week, getting there to do your pre wedding photography shoot has never been easier or more affordable.

The price of engaging a photographer there compared to in Singapore is too very much cheaper.

You can easily find a professional photographer on Weibo, arrange a date, pay a deposit and have him/her shoot you guys when you arrive; all at a fraction of a price that one would pay for a photographer in Singapore. A local photographer would also know some of the best places to shoot in Wuxi, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s people.

This price difference is made even more significant when you compare it to the other alternative of flying to Japan for Cherry Blossoms, where the photographer, air fare etc are all leaning towards the pricier side.

5) Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: Suzhou Wedding Dress Street

Wuxi Overseas Pre Wedding Photography: Suzhou Wedding Dress Street

Are you ready? Cause we saved the best for last!

One of the best thing about flying to Wuxi is it’s proximity to it’s sister city, Suzhou (another city just an hour drive away). And with this proximity, comes the option of getting your Cheap Designer Wedding Dresses (Click to Read more) from Suzhou’s Wedding Dress Street.

So if you don’t already have a wedding dress made/rented, what we suggest for you to do is to head to Suzhou to purchase your wedding dress before rounding back down to Wuxi for your Pre Wedding Shoot. This would mean that you would not just be able to take photographs IN your wedding dress, but your trip to Wuxi would also be a one-stop holiday to settle both the hassle of both getting a gown & doing your shoot.

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