Top 5 Local Things to Do in Mumbai

The truth is this, we haven’t been everywhere (yet) and you know how they say nobody knows a city like a local does. So this week our Singapore Food Blog & Travel Blog invites Guest Blogger Rohit from to share with us some of the less touristy things to do in the great city of Mumbai from a local’s perspective:


Mumbai, the city of dreams and never-ending crowds, coupled with a great history and an appeal like no other, is one of the most popular cities in India and in the world. If you thought that the sprawling, populous city isn’t a famous tourist destination, you’d be wrong. Mumbai has a charm that is unmatched, and with all the amazing opportunities it offers, the city has numerous tourist spots and some fun and adventurous things to do during a visit. Whether you’re a traveller stopping by Mumbai or a local who has just gotten the taste of this beautiful city, there are some fun things you’d want to do apart from visiting the popular locations. Take a look below at 5 of the local offbeat things you can do in Mumbai.



Gateway of India, Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0

1.  Cycling Ride in South Mumbai

You can visit the city of Mumbai more times than you’d think, and you’d still find something new and exciting about it. If you’ve already crossed off some of the main tourist attractions, here’s your next expedition. Take your Mumbai experience up a notch and go for a cycling tour in South Mumbai, which will help you admire the city so closely that you’d have memorised the nooks and crannies by the time you’re done. There is a distinct quality about a cycling trip in Mumbai, and it’s one of the most enjoyable activities to take part in as you get to swerve through the narrow and wide, crowded and quiet streets of Mumbai to admire many of the amazing aspects of the city that you wouldn’t have seen during a normal Mumbai Darshan bus trip.


Marine Drive, Photo by Dan Searle, CC BY-SA 2.0

2.  Fishing Trip in Mumbai

Enjoyment and pleasure during a trip to Mumbai can be doubled by taking a fishing trip with your friends or family. The Arabian Sea, stunning as it is, not only introduces you to new levels of adventure, but also gives you the opportunity to indulge in the fun activity of fishing. You’d find that as fascinating as it is to watch local fishermen at work in the sea, you would get a closer look if you were holding a fishing rod yourself. Through taking a ferry from the Gateway of India and setting off to South Mumbai, you can prepare your fishing gear and get going. Although patience is key in an activity like fishing, the mesmerizing sea making your speedboat dance on its waves will give you more to enjoy along with the excitement of fishing.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Photo by Advait Supnekar, CC BY-ND 2.0

3.  Tour the Mumbai Public Transport

Mumbai is synonymous with local trains, which are very much the lifeline of the city, and once you visit Mumbai, taking a local train ride is a must. This is an experience you would never forget, no matter how simple it sounds like. Mumbai train rides are to die for, not to mention other modes of public transport like the Best Buses, which account for a lot of the population of Mumbai. Crowded and overwhelming as the public transport facilities of Mumbai are, they are an experience to count on. So, that when you return home from your trip to this city, the local train ride will be one of the first things you will remember about Mumbai.



Bandra, Photo by Rajarshi MITRA, CC BY 2.0

4.  Indulge in Sumptuous Street Food

A trip to Mumbai can never be complete without indulging in some delicious street food that it is so famous for. Your Mumbai tour will get a twist with some lip-smacking street food like Vada Pav (the authentic Maharashtrian food that Mumbai is known for), Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Pav-bhaji, Sevpuri, sandwiches, Chinese Bhel etc. are a few of the varieties of street food extravaganza that the city of Mumbai has to offer, and the food here is guaranteed to make your mouth-water and crave for more and more.


Sea Link, Photo (Cropped) by Kashif Pathan, CC BY-SA 2.0

5.  Enjoy the Water-Sports in Mumbai

Beaches are one of the identifying factors of Mumbai, and for good reason. The city boasts of some picturesque beaches around the Arabian Sea, and offers great opportunities for water-sports. When you’ve already paid a visit to Chowpatty, hit the Mandwa Beach for some riveting water-sports like surfing, banana rides, kayaking, jet-ski rides etc. Girgaum Chowpatty also offers the excitement of parasailing, speed-boats, cruises, wind surfing, rowing boat sail, pedal boat ride, water skiing, sailing and many others. There are some amazing opportunities of water-related activities aside from swimming and chilling at the beach, which will make your trip to Mumbai an unforgettable time.


The aforementioned were just some of the wonderful things you can do while in Mumbai, but once you explore the city, you’ll find some more enthralling experiences to indulge fully in. By making the most of your time in this mesmerizing city, you’d have gotten the experience of a lifetime.


Author Bio:

Rohit avidly travels and explores many parts of India so he can share his adventurous experiences on


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