Bali Travel Blog: 6th July 2015

Day 1 of Bali Loving!

Bali-travel-blog-day-2As much as we would like to update our Singapore Travel Blog with the beauty of the country etc, we haven’t had what one would call a good start to our supposedly relaxing trip.

For one, upon arrival, we almost instantly ran into a culture shock when we took a cab from the airport to our resort. We saw this girl on her motorcycle on the road, she didnt seem extremely confident and was going pretty slowly in the fast lane. Our cab driver who was behind her, honk her a few times to get her out of the way but I’m not quite sure if she wasnt stable or that she’s new, but she kept to where she was. When our cab driver finally passed her, probably in an attempt to get her back or to get her to the slower lane, he used his side of his car to nudge her bike and there was a “bump” sound. Thankfully, she didnt fall and just stopped by the side with a blank look on her face. This comes as a culture shock to us both as I dont know about your country, but back from where I come from, Singapore, we dont ever hit another bike or another car even if they were road hogging.

Things started taking a turn for the worse when we were pretty much scammed by the local authorities much later when we rented our own bike, which I would update more when I have the time. But it was definitely a mood damper and not the best start to our holiday.

But on a separate note, we’ve had the chance to drop by the beach and boy was it beautiful. I’m guessing it’s cause Bali faces the open sea, the waves were big and very pretty.

I’ll try to take more of it and share it with you guys soon, so don’t forget to follow us on our instagram!


Till then, it’s back to sun tanning 🙂 Talk to you guys in abit!


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