Bali Travel Blog: 9th July 2015

Day 2 & 3 of Bali Loving!

Day 2 & 3 of our Bali trip is definitely turning out to be much better than our first day.


Our itinerary for this trip is pretty straight-forward, we are here for approximately 12 days and we’re going to be using the first 7 days as our training camp before heading up to ubud and spending the last few days there for abit of R&R before we head home.

Cause if you don’t already know, aside from Traveling, half of our Singapore Travel Blog team is also a Muay Thai enthusiast and the other half, Nicole, is a Yoga Instructor to be. So instead of spending our days partying or just laying by the beach the whole day like most would when they come to Bali, we thought to do something different and spend it training instead. A different kind of Holiday J

So that’s been our life the last couple of days, we’ve been having one to two sessions of Muay thai for me and Yoga for her, per day and spending the rest of the time in between at the beach or enjoying the local Balinese food.

But because we don’t get to train at this level of intensity for either of our individual sport, we are both pretty much left sore and in pain from all that training after 2 days. So thank god for cheap local Balinese massage that cost only 75,000RPD (Appx SGD$8/USD$6).

And we are not giving up yet, we are gonna hang in there and leave Bali with a better beach bod than we came with 😉

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