Bali’s Hidden Black Sand Beach – Nyanyi Beach

It is no secret that Bali has amazing beautiful beaches. From beach clubs such as Finn to Sunday Beach Club to Potato Head Folks etc, these beach clubs are perfect places to go for a good fun party by the sea. However, these places have also over the years, become more touristy, packed and most of them even have an entrance fee that sometimes doesnt even guarantee you a seat.

So if you are one of those who hate joining the crowd or just want a peaceful day out at the beach without any alcohol, noise or over populated beaches, this is going to be the perfect article for you.

Introducing, Nyanyi beach, a less as known and super NON touristy black sand beach in Bali that really, is like no other beaches around the island. This hidden gem of a beach is so unvisited that even the road leading up to the place is uneven and un-pathed. It is a local beach that mostly only locals visit and getting here shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you have a local driver that is bringing you around.

The sand is black in colour and feels drastically different from the usual sand. It is black but not hot, and glitters as the sun shines on it (which till this day I have no idea why, if anybody does, do shout out). The amazing thing is that the sand doesnt even stick on your feet and easily slides off with every step you take.

There are no alcohol, food, loud music or entrance fee to this beach except for the occasional local push cart selling drinks or corn. As a whole, theres not much to do, but as a traveller who just wants to get away, this place is perfect. You would be able to hear the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks without Nicki Minaj playing in the background. You’ll be able to sit down, do nothing but absorb the beauty of the place as you watch over the perfect sunset with pictures that are not photobombed by people.

As wedding photographers ourselves, The place also makes for a perfect photoshoot location if ever you are looking to do one. There are rocks, caves and secluded corners to capture the best moments. The sunset view is also unblocked and if visited at the right time, makes for a perfect photo opportunity.

Nyanyi Black Sand Beach in Bali easily made our must visit in Bali list and we sincerely hope you do give it a visit; because trust us, you wouldnt be disappointed. Just remember, you heard it here on Livelaughtravel’s travel blog first!

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