This Bali Mini Mart is Secretly a Hidden Bar – Black Cat Mini Mart

We all know Bali for it’s beaches, waves, nightlife, parties, alcohol and of course it’s many bars across the island. It’s no different for our travel blog, and our authors do the exact same old things when we head there. We do it so often that it has all become somewhat mundane and routine – not what we want in a holiday. After all, a holiday is about excitement; it’s about having something to look forward to and something to break the exact routine we face on a day to day basis. So this time, we got lucky, because on this trip to Bali, we found something that is not just unique but also extremely secret and hidden.

Entrance of Black Cat Mini Mart

On the outside, this mini mart seems to be what it said it is. A regular mini mart in Canggu that is even perfectly suited around some shop houses, guesthouse and hotels, where guest can easily grab some snacks if they need be.

You walk into the shop and it still all seems very unassuming, selling the typical drinks and regular chips that are not even exclusive to the Bali or the region. And yes, everything is still for sale.

But as you walk towards what seems to be the end of the shop, there lies a closed door fridge that says “Broken”; which is somewhat strange, considering that theres 2 perfectly working fridges just 2 steps away.

At this point, theres still no tell tale signs for you to even want to open it. But for those in the know or for those with itchy hands and likes to touch stuff that they are not supposed to (I’m one of them), if you open the fridge that says “Broken”, you’ll start to hear music coming out of the fridge and it gets louder as you swing the door open.

The fridge unveils a secret hidden bar at the back of the shop that is worlds apart from it’s unassuming shop font. It is loud, dark and has neon lights plastered around the bar.

The bar itself isn’t anything to brag about, it’s a small place with limited table and just one billiard table. So if another group of people are already using the billiard table, you would just have to wait your turn. And if i were to be very honest, the cocktails were just alright at best, and I would recommend people to go for known labels such as beers etc.

However, what I do love about the place was the music! They played retro 90s rock music that we all can sing along to. You’re talking about Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, ACDC etc. It’s the kind of music that I would have no qualms to if I sat there and just listened to it all night.

The toilet, named “Pee Show”, offers more insta worthy neon lights and would have the vain (like myself), hanging around outside the toilet snapping photos.

Smoking area facing the Rice Fields

Head to the back of the bar where the smoking area is, is an outdoor sheltered patio area facing the Canggu rice field. Here the music is softer but still audible, but you can also hear the sound of insects cricking in the night. An interesting mix that does well to help you relax and whisk your troubles away. To nobody’s surprise, the smoking area also has more neon lights, but here, it just makes an X sign but still instagrammable.

All in all, would I come back here again, yes i would. The vibe, the music, the location makes it a good place to drink away from the norm. But would I spend a lot when I head there? With the lack of good quality cocktails or things to do, I probably wouldn’t. Nonetheless, I would still recommend my friends to this secret bar which makes a good talking point for any traveller and bar-goer. And now, thanks to, you too, are in the know of this very secret and hidden bar – Black Cat Mini Mart.


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