Where to stay in Ubud: Lokha vs Kupu Barong Villa

Bali is known for it’s beaches, waves and sunset, but what is not known to many is that Bali has so much to offer more than just their beaches. If you head further into the central region of Bali, you’ll find a town known as Ubud that is surrounded by rainforest, rice fields and is veered towards a more mountainous experience.

where-to-stay-in-ubud-bali-lokha-kupu-barongOur previous trip to Ubud-Bali was a truly relaxing one. It was our Singapore Travel Blog‘s first time there and we wanted to make the most out of it and truly experience the entire place. Like many of you, we do get nervous deciding on where to stay and did plenty of homework researching and reading reviews and recommendations online a couple of months prior to the trip.

Despite only spending a week in Ubud alone, we decided to make a bold decision to stay in two different highly raved about hotels within the short few days we had there. Both places had really good reviews, and are recommended on Trip Advisor. The first place was The Lokha Ubud, and the other is Kupu Kupu Barong Villas.

Lokha Ubud Villa Review

The Lokha Ubud is a really serene place that is located outside of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It is situated right next to a western café (not exactly right next to, cause you would have to first climb Lokha’s little hill at the entrance) that is facing a rice field.

This rice field is accessible for tourists, and it was a good place to take photographs of the iconic rice fields if you’re short of time and unable to make it to the more popular Tegallalang rice field. Being located at such a secluded location, it is almost impossible to get to the city centre on your own when hunger pangs hit you at weird hours. That is why having a café near you is literally godsent, which unless you’re perfectly fine having room service the entire time.

The Lokha Ubud has an infinity pool over looking the lush greens of the Ubud forest, which you probably would not find it anywhere in Singapore. You can literally laze the day away around the pool. Their in house massage services for singles or couples is something I really fancied. The massage was good and I felt that the price was justified by the service standards, and it is inclusive of free usage of the Jacuzzi and steam room after your massage. In addition, The Lokha Ubud also provides regular free transportation to the city centre, where the shopping areas are. And the salons there that provide manicures and pedicures are SO CHEAPPPP. I forced Alvin to do a pedi with me, just because its cheap. Hahahaha. We spent 3 days 2 nights in Lokha and moved over to check-in to Kupu Kupu Barong Villas, which is about a 10 minutes drive away.

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Kupu Kupu Barong Villa Review


The entrance to the lobby area was just unreal. And I kid you not, its one of the most amazing villas I’ve been to in my life.   We were welcomed by a floating patio in the middle of their grand entrance, where guests can make reservations for private dining sessions in the evening to admire the sunset, or make reservations for slightly later and dine under the stars.

Our villa was 3 stories high. The ground level was the living room, complete with cable service and a library of movies that you can rent from the front desk. The second level was our absolutely huge bathroom and a balcony accompanied with a personal outdoor pool. The bedroom was on the top level with access to another balcony to overlook the Ayung River.  Every villa has an exclusive butler to tend to your every need 24/7. They were very professional and would generally go the extra mile for us. Another factor that made me decide on staying in Kupu Barong, was the Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane. I am an absolute fan of L’Occitane, and I couldn’t possibly give this place a miss, as its one of the only places where the spa uses only L’Occitane products for all of its services. Albeit the steep price tags on its services, they provided truly top notch service, and I am a happy and satisfied customer.

The dining place was fabulous as well, and there were complimentary tea and cakes everyday after lunch for house guests. We were fortunate to be able to try a couple of traditional Balinese cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, and it is really pretty worth it.

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Conclusion Kupu Barong vs Lokha Ubud

All in all, although our trip to Ubud was a short one, but there was nothing not to love about Ubud. But in my personal opinion, if we ever head back to Ubud, Kupu Kupu Barong Villa is definitely the place to be.

You can also check out our two vlogs we took awhile back for both Lokha and Kupu barong for a better sense of the whole place:

*PS These vlogs was one of our first few tries and doing a Video so do pardon us for the bad quality of the vlogs

Lokha Ubud:

Kupu Barong:

We hope you have found this information on our travel blog useful!

Let us know in the comments what other places do you guys stay at in Bali!

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