What’s there to do in Niseko outside of Winter? NAC Niseko Adventure Center

So Niseko has been mostly know for it’s skiing and snowboarding. I mean, whats there not to love about skiing/snowboarding there? With Niseko suited near Siberia, Niseko has been said to have the best, freshest and most orographic powder anywhere all across Japan thanks to wind and air temperature. Niseko has seen snowboarders and skiers from all over the world fly in yearly just to experience their powder.

But the question then beckons, what happens during off winter seasons when there isnt a drop of snow? What is there to do in this amazing small town? The answer? NAC Niseko Adventure Center!

Niseko Adventure Center is the first adventure center for the Niseko area and is today, still the largest adventure center across Japan. Fitting to the adventurous snowboarders/skiers that visit the city, NAC Adventure center fits right into the picture for these adrenaline junkies.

From bouldering, rock climbing to white water rafting and snowboarding, NAC adventure center is your one stop solution for your adventurous side. During winter, you can head to NAC to rent your snowboards, skis etc, and during non-winter seasons, you can head there for other activities such as white water rafting or even tree top obstacle courses.

Our travel blog recently had the opportunity to head to NAC Adventure Center in autumn to try their obstacle course.

So your adventure starts with the kind guides of NAC adventure center that would first help to strap you up the ensure that you are safe and secure within the premises. They use state of the art clips and safety harnesses that promises to keep you safe even if you do fall as these safety harnesses are attached to your body and they follow you throughout the entire duration.

After a quick 15min crash course on how to use the harnesses, you can then select the level of difficulty you want and the course to pursue for your climb. The 6 courses available are colour coded based on how hard they would be and generally how high the obstacles are, which can range between 5-13m. Just note that the courses are designed to be a one directional course and you would not be able to return or change course halfway through.

I started off with the Green course which was labelled as for “Advanced” climbers. But to be honest, it really wasnt as hard as I had expected and while there was a certain about of physical attribute to some elements, I was never too worried as I knew I had the safety harness in place and even if I had fall, it would be there to hold me up.

Obstacles include climbing through nets, walking on ropes and everybody’s favourite, the zipline as the ultimate finale for the course.

Seeing how I managed to somehow breeze through the course, I opted to try the “red” course which was labelled as “Extreme” and was the 2nd hardest course in the area.

Brim with confidence from the previous course, I thought to myself, how hard can this be? But boy was I about to find out. Just climbing up the ladder to the Red course seemed never ending and I soon found out why when I got to the top and realise just how far up we were from the ground. The height made things more challenging as one would have to actively engage your mind to block out your very primal instincts of falling. Despite being somewhat physically fit, the Red course was still really a challenge for both my strength and my balance.

The hardest part for me was actually having to jump off a platform and grab the handle mid air. I knew that I could jump that far and that I also had my safety harnesses with me. But the natural instincts just refused to let that fear go. It was a mental struggle knowing that I could do it vs my body not wanting to do it vs knowing I had no other way down. But when the body eventually caved to my mind, it was a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.


NAC Adventure Park serves as a good break and alternative from just snowboarding or skiing, and the best thing is that they open all year round so you would be able to visit during the off seasons too.


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