Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town Offers a 7 Storey Adult Sex Shop

Over the years, Japan in general has somehow been associated to all things sex related. However, despite it’s sin reputation, actual prostitution within Japan is in fact illegal. Adult sex toys on the other hand, are not. They are not just legal but relatively accepted by the general public. This can be seen by how Tokyo’s Akihabra Electric Town has a 7 storey Adult Sex Shop right smack beside the train station.

This is not a topic we usually cover, but our duty to educate and inform as a Singapore Food Blog & Travel Blog, means that we have are obligated to share the information we know to the world. So if you are under 18, click away now!

The 7 storey adult sex shop is called M’s Pop Life adult department store, and to get there, simply take the train to Akiharaba Station and take the exit facing the SEGA shop. Walk towards it and you would be able to find M’s right beside the SEGA shop.

From the outside, the shop is pretty unassuming to the regular passerby. But from the moment you step in, you’ll be greeted by the sight of lubes and the sound of moaning; thanks to the preview DVDs that are on play.

The bottom 2 stories,  B1 and level 1, are dedicated to Pornographic DVDs & Blue Rays. From movies to BDSM, their DVD collection covers just about everything. For some reason thou, we realized that the prices of DVD ranges, and it is probably due to the popularity of the featured pornstar.

To cover the entire building, we recommend you take the lift provided to the top floor (6th floor) and walk down.

Level 6 covers their costume section (mostly for woman). Nurses, Japan Kimonos, student etc. If you/your partner have some dress up fetish, this would be a good place to source for the look you are going for.

Level 5 seems the most ordinary of them out, selling lingerie and bedroom wear. Nothing particular fancy that you can’t get at Calvin Kleins. But if you are into that, there’s also a small section that sell used underwear with pictures of the girl that wore it. We wont judge.

Level 4 is where the shop assistants place stuff they term “Love Goods”. From Lube and couple sex toys to chains, handcuff and other BDSM stuff, here’s where you would be able to get them.

Level 3 is for Woman’s toys. Vibrators and Dildos of all kinds (and colour) are available for your picking.

Level 2 is one for the Man. You’ll be able to find Men sex toys, penis enhancers, penis rings etc.

We initially wanted to take a vlog of the place, but the store has a strict no photography/videography policy for obvious reasons. However, we would like to end off with this note:

Depending on where you come from, Sex and sex toys may still carry a social stigma and just the thought of bringing up the topic is frowned upon, much less actually visiting a sex shop. However, when we were there, we saw all kinds of people entering the shop, single ladies, single men and even couples who walk in hand in hand. The great thing about visiting M’s is perhaps that you wont feel like you are watched like an eagle or judged by the people in the shop.

On top of that is the fact that you are in a foreign land and chances are that you would never see the people you meet in the shop ever again. So if you are into that, and wish to spice up your sex life, don’t forget to visit this less as publicized “tourist attraction” the next time you are in Tokyo!


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