Korea Trip Blog 31st May 2015: Fish Market & Kickass BBQ Beef

End of day 2, tired as hell but all worth it!

Amongst the other places we’ve been to today, which I will try to find more time to talk about once I’m back, the more notable highlights for today was definitely heading to the Fish market and that damn awesome BBQ beef.

So if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we did something many would shudder at, we had a live octopus for lunch!


We headed to a local market today where they serve one of the freshest seafood anywhere in the country and took our pick from the endless variety. From fishes to abalone to crab to lobsters to octopus to prawns and more, you name it they have it.

The live octopus, which is cut live with it’s tentacles still crawling, is served as a delicacy here in Korea and at least half of our Singapore travel blogging team dared to try it (*cough Nicole *cough).

According to her, it doesn’t exactly wiggle once it is in your mouth and it’s pretty sweet thanks to the sesame oil seasoning. I on the other hand, was a pussy and didn’t dare to try it so I’ll just have to take her word for it.


If you don’t already know, BBQ is pretty hot here in Korea and we decided to go back to this BBQ place we had during our last trip here for dinner today, cause it was just oh so good. The meat literally melts in your mouth and the really awesome part was that they actually cook it for you so you never have to worry about over or under cooking it. If you come from a country like Singapore where most BBQs have you cooking your own food and if you too have the cooking skills like i do, you would greatly appreciate this extra service. I’ve managed to take more pictures and took down their name card so i’ll be able to do a proper post on this kickass BBQ place once i get the time! So watch this space!

Till then, here’s signing off till my next update in Korea!

Alvin & Nicole.

Livelaughtravel.net’s Travel Fun Fact: Do you know that the famous Paris Baguette Cafe across Asia isn’t exactly from Paris, it’s from Korea!

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