Korea Trip Blog: Nami Island & endless shopping

So first of all, we apologize for the short hiatus since our last update of our trip. Since then, our schedule has been jam packed day after day which makes finding that extra hour at night blogging on the go much tougher.

But fret not, we took lots of pictures and jotted down little notes along the way so we’ll remember clearly the things and tips to share with you guys.

For the last few days of our trip, the highlight has to be traveling to a nearby island called Nami Island where it was a very different pace compared to the busy city seoul life. We wanted to zip line our way into the island, but unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance which was a real big mega bummer!

If you’ve been following our Instagram feeds, you’ll see how pretty the lush green Island is. The difficult part comes in getting there, which we would find time to cover once we have the time.

Aside from Nami Island, we spent our last few days visiting a Korean traditional palace and well, endless shopping, at least for her. Me, I was just the designated luggage carrier.

Needless to say, now that we’re back and fully equipped with details about Korea, we would be sharing alot more about Korea in the coming days. We are already in the midst of editing our videos and pictures, so watch this space!


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