Where to stay in Seoul: Small House Big Door

If you are heading to Korea and still not quite sure where to stay in Seoul, look no further cause we got the answer for you: Small House Big Door Hotel!

We want to start off with clarifying that this is NOT a sponsored post and the only reason why we are writing for them is out of genuine recommendation of the place  after staying with them both times we visited Seoul!

Small house Big Door is a modern, chic and simplistic hotel which offers superb location for extremely affordable price. Here are 7 reasons why our Singapore Travel Blog highly recommends everyone traveling to Seoul to stay at Small House Big Door!where-to-stay-in-seoul


1. Extremely Accessible

I cannot emphasis more on what a great location Small House Big Door is. For starters, when people look for a hotel to stay at, they often look at how accessible the place is, whether or not there is a train station nearby etc. Well for the case of Small House Big Door, there’s a total of 3 different stations on 3 different lines that are all located within 10mins walking distance of the Hotel, so you’re sure that you would be able to get home no matter which part of Seoul you decide to explore! The closest station would be “Euljiro 1” on the green line, and from the station, Small house big door is just a minute walk away!

2. In the heart of the Shopping District

One of the best things about Seoul in General is it’s shopping, and you’ll be well-covered when staying at Small house big door. One of Seoul’s biggest shopping centre, Lotte Mall, is located directly across the street from the hotel, and just beside that, Lotte Young Plaza, another shopping center catered towards the young! Seoul’s most popular night market, Myeong Dong, is also located just 7mins walk away from the Hotel (indicated as green dots in the map above)! This not only means that you don’t have to lug your heavy bags and squeeze in the train after a long day of shopping, it also means that the Men can head back and rest first if shopping gets a tad too boring for their liking!

3. Airport Express Bus

If you have been to Seoul, you would know that their subway map is rather complicated and would often involve a fair bit of changing before you are able to get to your destination. So instead of going through all that while having to stand throughout the entire trip on the train, you can opt to take the direct bus to/from the airport instead. Located between Small house big door and Myeongdong, you’ll be able to find the bus stop for the Airport express bus right outside Ibis Hotel just 5 mins walk away!

4. Late Night Food


As stated in our 14 things you MUST know before heading to Korea article, most of the places around Korea close relatively early so if you are coming from a country with a different time zone, chances are you’ll get your late night hunger pangs! While this would be an issue if you stayed at other areas, located right outside Small House Big Door is a local restaurant serving Korea food/beer till late. On certain days, right outside the hotel, you’ll also be able to indulge into the Korean culture and dine at Roadside stalls at night.

5. Tourist Attractions

We recommend visiting the local palaces in our Top 9 things to do in seoul article. If you are willing to walk slightly longer, approximately 15mins away is one of such palaces, Deoksugung palace that is located just beside City Hall. Although truth be told, if you have the time, we would recommend visiting their main palace at Gyeongbokgung instead.

6. English Speaking Staff and Clean environment


It’s not a problem if you don’t speak Korean at Small house big door cause the front desk staff are not only friendly, but do speak conversational English and would be able to help you with any questions or trouble you might come across. The rooms are white, simplistic, clean and would allow you to stay in comfort.

7. Relatively Cheap

Check out Agoda’s Guaranteed Cheapest Rates for Small house big door:

Again, one of the best things about Small house big door is it’s location! The location is so good that one of Seoul’s most popular hotel, Lotte hotel seoul, is located just across the street! In another words, you are paying half the price at Small house big door than what you would have paid at Lotte Hotel but enjoy the exact same location and proximity to everything of importance.

Our Travel blog recommends Small house big door to anyone visiting Seoul, look at more pictures and book your next stay at Small House Big Door hotel here today!


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