Would you try this Snake Massage in Cebu, Philippines?

Our guys behind this Singapore Travel Blog love massages. We have practically made it a point to try one whenever we travel to any country throughout Asia. But this particular one in Cebu may have just take the whole massaging thing to an all new level.

snake-massage-cebuWe may have missed it out in our Cebu Travel guide we wrote earlier, but another popular attraction in Cebu is their unique snake massage at the Cebu Zoo. And yes, you heard us right, Snake Massages.

It is basically having between 5 to 6 adult pythons on and slithering around you for the entire duration. Most who have tried this experience claims that its actually relaxing and that it feels good.

This is part of the Zoo’s movement to increase more visitor interaction with the animals as they offer this service complimentary with the price of an entrance ticket. The snakes are fed prior to the interaction and visitors are briefed about the dos & don’ts (i.e do not bring a pet) before the interaction. Zoo keepers are also on hand for obvious safety reasons.

While this isnt exactly the thing for us personally, for those daredevils or snake lovers, this is another on the bucket list the next time you visit Cebu.

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