This Thai restaurant in Singapore will make you feel like youre in BKK

We are more than halfway through 2020 and its now safe to say that at least for the most of us, our travel plans for the year has now officially been ruined thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. Even our Singapore Travel Blog ourselves have been stuck here in Singapore in what seems to be like forever. The worst part of it all is that this whole travel restriction ban doesn’t look like it’s going to be lifted anywhere in the near future. The best estimates by experts in the know seem to be for travel to only resume in 2021, and the worst estimates being travel to only fully resume in 2024. Well, that is a really really long time.

While the travel ban/restrictions means our annual Bangkok (BKK) chatuchak trips are officially cancelled at least for the year, there’s still a way to make you feel like you’re in bangkok by visiting this local Thai Restaurant that have done such a wonderful job in creating a little Thailand town; visiting them would have you thinking like you’re in Bangkok!

Visit 555 Villa Thai!

But ok, before we go on, we just want to clarify that this is an unsponsored post and the writers of our travel blog simply stumbled upon this area via recommendations and writing this does not provide any financial benefit to this travel blog or our writers. Ok, now back to the little Bangkok town that 555 Villa Thai created!

Located at 30 Cosford Rd near Changi, 555 Villa Thai for one, isn’t the most accessible especially to those without a car or means of transport. There isn’t any MRT in the vicinity and the nearest bus stop stops you at Upper Changi Road North, which even from there, would take you approximately 20mins to walk in. And thats also provided that you are willing to walk on the road, because the road in doesnt even have any pedestrian walkway. Yes, it’s that inaccessible!

And for the lucky few who have their own personal transport to drive in, you’ll feel like you have driven right into bangkok as from the moment you arrive, aside from the local diners, nothing else reminds you of the fact that you are still in Singapore.

Everything from the layout of the restaurant to the tuk tuk at the entrance is everything you expect to see if you were in Bangkok. You can tell from the moment you enter that special considerations have been put in place when they set up the restaurant to have everything resemble thailand. The trees they use, the posters, the neon lights wrapped around the trees; all very bangkok like.

Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll most likely be greeted by an authentic Thai server dressed in their traditional thai costume ready to show you to your table (you should make reservations as this place can pretty packed over the weekends).

Within the restaurant, more signs of Thailand await you with their main concert stage which if you are visiting during non covid days, would mean that you get to enjoy some genuine thai live music.

The most prominent and in my opinion, instagrammable spot of 555 Villa Thai is their, what I believe to be flown in, Suvarnabhumi Airport signboard that just so happens to oversee our singapore changi airport with planes in the background – making it look like you really are in Bangkok’s airport.


Aside to the food, 555 villa thai itself offers an option of ala carte thai food or the thai style Mookata. Either way both options are served just like the way they do in thailand, cooked by real thais.

All in all, 555 villa thai is a great hidden gem that you would feel super at home at just spending your night away and sipping on thai beer. A great hangout spot with either friends or family no matter its with out without covid. And even if you are not there for the food, it’s still great fun posting on your IG acting like youre in Thailand admist all these travel restrictions. Just like my own friends on my social, they just might think that you are really in bangkok.

Address: 555 Villa Thai, 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

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