Best Chicken Rice in Singapore

Ask any Singaporean what’s the best food in Singapore is and Chicken rice would definitely be amongst the dishes that surface. You’ll find Chicken rice in every Singapore Food Blog because unlike the Chilli Crab, the good thing about Chicken rice is that it’s kinda like a staple food here in Singapore where you can just have it any time of the day and it’s relatively inexpensive.

The Chicken rice dish is as per the name, a serving of Chicken served with a portion of rice. Sounds relatively simple, but so hard to perfect. It’s so simple that you probably can find a Chicken rice stall in almost every and any hawker center in Singapore. But if you are only traveling to Singapore for that limited amount of time, where can you taste the best ones?

So as part of our country’s celebration of our 50 years of independence as we look at Singapore’s history, our Singapore Travel Blog took it upon ourselves to find the best chicken rice in Singapore as voted by Singaporeans! We took a poll and asked Singaporeans where they thought the best Chicken rice in Singapore is and here was where they voted in no order of merit:

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre

best chicken rice in singapore
(Photo by: Hungrygowhere)

Slightly expensive, but you get free flow of achar and free refill of soup. Not just any soup, but two types of proper stewed soup such as old cucumber, watercress, chicken feet and peanut etc kind of soups.

Chicken is succulent and de-boned, rice is fragrant. Side dishes such as thai chicken feet and oyster sauce veggie available.


Highly raved, Delicious Boneless Chicken rice at Katong shopping centre came up more than once in our polls and voters reaffirmed its taste and place as one of the Best Chicken Rice in Singapore.

Katong Shopping Centre,
865 Mountbatten Road
Basement 1, Food Centre
Singapore 437844

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice


Founded by Mr Wee Too Ouut who has been known for having a pet peeve when customers leaves alot of leftover for one particular dish and would help himself to it after the customers leave to determine the cause of the dish being left untouched, Mr.Wee’s perfectionst attitude has flowed into his food and onto the chicken rice plate as our voters voted for his Chicken rice.

But Wee Nam Kee is no stranger to being voted, in fact, their Chicken rice has received awards such as

2010 AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards “Best Hawker” and have now even opened an outlet in Philippines
United Square,
101 Thomson Road,
Singapore 307645

(*Note that Wee Nam Kee has outlets in 112 Katong, Makansutra Glutton Bay and Marina Square as well but our voters raved about the outlet at Thomson)

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

best chicken rice in singapore
(Photo by ST)

While our voters voted, we too personally can vouch for Tong Fong Fatt’s Chicken rice and it would too be one of our personal picks as well. Having used to work at Singapore’s Central Business District area, Tong Fong Fatt’s Chicken rice at Golden Shoe hawker centre was our to-go place for lunch and dinner. I would have their chicken rice for consecutive days and not get bored of it. The best part about the chicken rice has to be the affordability and value as they have stuck to their $2.50 price tag over the years. But personally, i’ve always went for a bigger packet as I just cant have enough of it.


Golden Shoe Carpark
50 Market Street

(*While Tong Fong Fatt has had several outlets as well, voters has highlighted the inconsistency in taste amongst outlets)

Tian Tian Chicken Rice

best chicken rice in singapore
(Photo by: Yahoo)

Tian Tian Chicken rice is no stranger to any Singaporeans. Tian Tian is as famous as chicken rice can be with thanks to the Singtel Hawker Hero Challenge when the Famous Michelin Star chef Gordon Ramsey came to Singapore and took on the challenge to go head to head against our local hawkers. Tian Tian Chicken rice was selected to represent Singapore in the Chicken Rice category and the best part, they beat out the Michelin star chef by 6% when over 1000 people who tasted both Gordon’s and Tian Tian’s chicken rice voted.

i) Maxwell Food Centre Stall 10 & 11
Singapore 069184
ii)12 Jalan Pari Burong (Simpang Bedok)
Singapore 488678

Ming Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge

best chicken rice in singapore

(Photo by Hungrygowhere)

Bishan has one in a coffeeshop called Kim Sang Leng. Simply the best imo.

Located at Bishan Kim San Leng Hawker, it’s common to see long queues at Ming Kee Chicken rice and may occasionally take up to 30~45mins before you get your plate of chicken rice, a time frame our voters are more than willing to sacrifice.


Kim San Leng Food Centre,
511 Bishan Street 13,
Singapore 570511

925 Chicken Rice


This is one of my personal favorite and go-to place whenever i have a Chicken Rice craving. I have been having their chicken rice since I was just a little kid and have watched them grow over the years but still maintaining their super amazing Chicken rice. The meat is succulent but what truly sets it apart is the fragrance of it’s rice that leaves you just wanting more.

Blk 925
Yishun Central 1

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