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It’s an exciting weekend for all of us back home here in Singapore. For this weekend, on the 9th of August 2015, our home country celebrates it’s 50 years of independence.

For a Singapore Travel Blog, we have often been criticized about not  writing enough about Singapore. So as part of the celebration for our country’s Jubilee weekend, we saw it appropriate to do up a timeline infographic to share with all our readers a brief history of Singapore and the ups and downs we had to face to get to where we are today.brief-singapore-history-timeline-infographic

Even after separation, dark times still clouded Singapore and we were destined to fail. We had no natural resources and high unemployment rates were sparking social unrest. We had nothing but our great founding father Lee Kuan Yew & his leadership.

He brought us out of the dark times and made policies that people would hate but still abide knowing it’s the best for the country.

The Singapore today has come leaps and bounds from what we used to be. We rose the ranks and transformed from a 3rd world to a first world country within a short span of 50 years, no other country in the world can boast such a feat.

While our founding father Lee Kuan Yew is no longer with us, his spirit and doings can be found all around our city and it’s hard to find a Singaporean who is not proud to be one.

So that’s the brief history timeline of Singapore. We hope you’ll now have a better appreciation of us and our little island we call home the next time you visit.

*PS For the last time, Singapore’s not part of China. Not every Chinese is from China.

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