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Everybody loves Crabs, so much so that even the hassle of having to break open the shell before you can even feed yourself doesn’t seem to deter most people. And if you are a fellow crabaholic like we are, you would have to try the Crabs in Singapore cause really, no one cooks them half as delicious as we do.

If you are traveling to Singapore anytime between 8th June to 23rd August 2015, you are in luck. Cause as our our Singapore Food Blog found out, Park Royal Hotel at Beach Road is having it’s annual all you can eat Crab Buffet! On top of Singapore’s signature crab, The Chilli Crab, Park Royal offers 7 other types of crab, Crab with honey rock sugar, Cereal Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Curry Crab and Steamed Crab with Dang gui (Chinese Angelica Root).

But if you are traveling with non crab lovers, fret not, cause the Crab Buffet don’t just only serve Crab. They do offer Japanese Sashimi (Salmon, Octopus and Tuna) and Sushi as well. There is also a small selection of Chinese food (might vary from day to day) and desserts (ice cream, cakes etc). Do note however, that since the focus is on crabs after all, the rest of the selection is generally limited.



Adults – SGD$75++
Child (4~12 years old)– SGD$45++

Getting there

700A Beach Road 199591
(First Floor)

There’s 2 Park Royals in Singapore, so do make sure you get to the one at Beach road. The nearest MRT stations are Bugis and Nicoll Highway. Or if you are driving, you can obtain complimentary parking if you are dining there (Information correct as of 21st June 2015, do call (+65) 65055710 to reconfirm their policy when you intend to visit or place your reservations ).



The buffet offers a wide range of selection, some types that i have never even heard or taste before, such as the Honey Rock Sugar Crab, Curry Crab and Dang Gui Crab which is not usually found at other places.

The sauces/toppings on top of the old favorites such as the Chilli, black pepper, salted egg and Cereal was pretty decent too. Much better than the average Crabs you get from most local places.

However, we personally had a small problem with the Crabs itself. The Crabs are generally all quite small and i’m not sure if its due to shrinkage during the cooking process, but there was barely any meat in almost all of the pincers and biceps of the crabs.


(The actual size of the crabs were nothing like in their poster)

While theoretically, you just have to get more of it from the buffet for more meat, but one of the best part about eating a crab is biting into the succulent huge chunk of pincer meat. That’s the same reason most of us prefer the Sri Lanka Crab over the Flower Crab as well, cause it has more meat. But sadly for the case of Park Royal’s Crab Buffet, the meat in the crabs were severely inadequate and small which kind of nullifies the amazing taste of crabs. We were generally quite disappointed and weren’t as satisfied as we thought we would be heading to the buffet. This, on top of the fact that for the price you pay per pax, you probably can each have 2 big crabs outside. It wasn’t exactly the best value for money from our perspective.

For the price you pay, we personally would much rather skip the variety and just have 2 whole chili crabs all to ourselves. 🙂 But that’s just us, for those who aren’t budget conscious and would prefer having more variety, Park royal would work fine.

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