USS Halloween Horror Night (HHN) Review

It’s the annual scare fest, spooky time of the year! For all thrill seekers visiting theme parks this October, you’re bound to see adverts about Halloween fright night events going on for the entire month.

This event is so sought after that even Disneylands around the world have special Halloween costumes especially for Halloween! As Disneyland is catered for humans of all ages (especially children), the scare level is definitely on the mild end. So if you’re a thrill seeker looking for an extra oomph this October, you really should be visiting Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios instead!

Every October, some of the theme parks may close slightly earlier for the day and within a couple of hours, the entire theme park is transformed into an amplified giant haunted house at least 10 times the usual ones you’d visit on normal days.


The Universal Studios theme parks around the world are famed for the Halloween Horror Night events. RIP tours (which are essentially VIP passes) are recommended so you can skip the queues and ensure you get to fully enjoy ALL the haunted houses/scare zones with the operating hours (usually 7-11pm). As with a normal ticket in the day, if you join the long queues for the haunted houses, you may not be able to complete all the attractions in the theme park.


Our Travel Blog personally had the honor (right…) to visit Halloween Horror Night in Universal Studios Singapore on a RIP pass last October with a couple of my friends. Truth be told, I’m not the bravest person and this was the first in a long long longggg time where I set foot into a scary event of this magnitude. But boy, it did not disappoint!





Last year’s scare theme was skewed towards local customs & events so most of the attractions are things Singaporeans could totally relate to, for instance, a haunted experience on the MRT! There were 3 main theme haunted houses and 2 scare zones.

Haunted Houses are basically what it is, you would have to queue to head in and at times may have to wait couple of hours unless you are on the Express Pass. Scare zones are open areas where the theme park tells you that you might “chanced” (or occasionally be chanced upon) by ghosts/creatures and what nots.

The overall experience was phenomenal and my favorite part was the scare zones where the zombies would be in hiding waiting to prance on you when you least expect it! The make up on the performers even our personal tour guide were so real and life-like it was amazing!


(Rolling around the theme park with our Lightsticks [Free for RIP Tours])

There are interactions and photo taking areas for you to capture the moment, but unfortunately I only brought my phone and iphones don’t work very well in the dark (so do learn from our mistake). Nevertheless, it was one hell of a night and I would definitely recommend YOU to try it at least once! Go with a group of thrill seeking friends and USS HHH wont disappoint!


This year, USS HHH6 will be featuring 7 major attractions consisting of 5 haunted houses (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, 5!) plus 2 scare zones, and it will be a good mix of western horrors plus a touch of local inspired theme.

Are you ready for the scare?

Tickets are on sale now and go for $65~$69 for usual ticket. Gather your friends and head in together as you get to save about $10/ticket with a purchase of 4 or more tickets. Express passes go for an additional $40~60 depending on whether you would want to take the rides as well or not.


(Our Personal Guide who is also dressed to the nines for the occasion! But don’t worry she is in fact super friendly and helpful throughout our tour)

If you want it to take it a step further and have a personal guide like we did to explain to you the backstory of each house and literally cut through ALL queues, RIP Tours go for $178~$228/pax.

So what are you waiting for! Fastest fingers first! Tickets for RIP tours are always snagged real fast, so be sure to get them soon!

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