Best Pineapple Tart in Taiwan: Chia Te

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One of the things Taiwan is famous for is it’s Pineapple tart pastry. Yummy Pineapple paste wrapped in a layer of crispy dough. While the Pineapple tart on it’s own is nothing new and can be found in most Asian Countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong etc especially during the Chinese New Year festive seasons, Taiwan has arguably one of the best Pineapple tarts anywhere around. But Taiwan is pretty big, so where can we find the best Pineapple tart shop within Taiwan to truly sieve out the best of the best of Pineapple tarts? The Singapore Travel Blog team brings to you our take on the best Pineapple tart shop in Taiwan based solely on our own opinion during our recent trip to Taiwan.

We tried a few Pineapple tarts when we were there, but none comes half as close to Chia Te’s.


Founded in 1975, Chia Te’s one and only outlet in Taipei is always packed and at times, just like how you would have to queue to get into LV or Chanel, you might even have to queue just to get in to the shop.  There is just that many people!

(For our Mandarin speaking friends)

Inside, even though there’s 5 cashiers (of which 2 allows Credit card payment) and the kitchen is always churning out new pastries, they seemingly is still unable to keep up with demand, as customers like us swoop everything placed on the shelves within mins it is placed there.


And you can easily see why with all the awards and accolades Chia Te has won over the years that are placed proudly on their walls, such as:

  • Taiwan’s Top-100 Specialties Certificate
  • Taipei City Government awards Chia Te with the honor of “Taipei Best Gift Shop”


For the non pineapple lovers, Chia Te has also took the liberty to add variations such as Strawberry Tarts, Prune Tarts, Longan Tarts etc.

Price and Shelf Life

The tarts go for 32NTD (SG$1.32 / US$1) each and can be bought either individually where you are allowed to mix and match different flavors, or in 20pc boxes that you order at the cashier. These tarts hold a shelf life of 40 days making it not just good for consumption, but also as a Souvenir for your loved ones back home.


Other Pastries Chia Te is famous for include Egg Tarts, Wife Biscuits and Sun Biscuits. But do note that the Wife biscuits only offer a shelf life of 5 days and the Sun biscuits 15days, that you would have to take into consideration if you are purchasing it as a Souvenir.

Getting there

(Yes that’s how much we bought)

Getting to it’s outlet is extremely easy. Simply take their MRT to Nanjing Sanmin MRT station and exit from exit 2. From there, just walk straight and it would take you less than 1 min before you see their long queue standing outside their shop.

When purchasing their pineapple tarts in Bulk, you can either choose to pack it in bags or boxes (like the picture above). We opted to pack our Pineapple tarts in the box for easy check in but hand carried the wife and sun biscuits as they would probably be smashed if we checked those in.

Alternatively, if you are in Taipei for long enough and don’t want to make the special trip down, you can always order through Chia Te’s website where they can send it to your hotel for a fee. However, do note that you would have to place your order at least 4 days in advance and on festive seasons such as Mid Autumn Festival etc, the delivery time might take even longer. You can also approach your hotel’s front desk to get them to make the call for you if you are having issues navigating their mandarin website.

Don’t forget to share about these awesome pineapple tarts that you have heard from our Singapore Food Blog to all your friends and family!


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