Things to do in Bangkok in 3 Days

The best place for a short 3 days getaway would be to Bangkok! The food and drinks are cheap, people are friendly and its honestly one of the many destinations with very affordable air fares from Singapore. It may be just a short 3 days but our Travel Blog highly advise all of you (ladies especially), to bring a full sized luggage for all the loots you are about to purchase!

Pratunam would be an ideal accommodation area for a Bangkok 3 Day getaway as everything is within walking distance, from food places, popular shopping streets and malls and even the train station to travel to other areas.

Day 1:

First shopping stop for the day, would be to Emporium! Make your way easily by train to Phrom Phong station. Or if you are in a group, traveling by taxi isn’t all that expensive if you’d like to save time. There are plenty of local brands retailing there as well as global brands such as Melissa or even a few lingerie brands  (all females alert!) that are available for sale in Emporium. The prices are relatively cheaper by 15-20% compared to singapore after the currency change.

Right across the street from Emporium, check out the new hot spot mall called Emquartier that is capturing the heart of foodies and instagrammers (and of course our Singapore Food Blog too). It is a relatively new establishment, but it houses an impressive array of cuisines and cafes in their food directory. We’d recommend dining in crab and claw for lunch in Emquartier, as our first visit there was a rather enjoyable one. The prawn and clam bucket seemingly mimicked Singapore’s Dancing Crab, but the sauce for the prawn bucket absolutely made up for it. The main dish was definitely the lobster, and it is so fresh and juicy that the meat peels out of the shell effortlessly.


When you are done with lunch, take a 2 minute walk up the slope to Audrey Café, to savor their iconic flower cake. It essentially is an edible cake, decorated like a flower pot. Albeit being a little gimmicky, the cakes are absolutely delicious. The different flower pots have their unique combination of flavors that is represented by the genus and color of the flower. Rest assured, there is definitely something for everyone in Audrey Café.

After a hearty meal, its time to work those calories off! Grab a cab down to Platinum mall and get ready for some serious bargaining and shopping! Known to many as the “blogshop wholesale supplier mall”, it is cheap only if you purchase larger quantities of the same design. So it’s a plus to go in groups and haggle all you can!

When you’re all done and tired out from shopping, you can take a walk back to your hotel in the Pratunam area as it is less than 15minutes walk away from Platinum mall. Rest up and gear up for the up and coming popular night market, the Rod Fai Night Market, a.k.a Train Market. This place is a fresh sight from the usual night markets. It is not as cramped as the other night markets you’d normally visit, it is comparably more spacious and larger in size, and plenty of shops that sells apparels and accessories, and a huge food area perfect for dinner.


Have some local street food and of course, chocolate crepes!

Chill out at the outdoor bar for some drinks at the end of the day, cab back to Pratunam and don’t forget to go for some well deserved authentic Thai massage near the hotel!

Day 2:

Wake up early (we would recommend joining the queue at 845am) and head to the famous Pratunam Wanton Mee for breakfast! If you are any later than 9, be prepared to join the long queue for a seats in the restaurant. There are only 2 dishes on the menu, (i) Wanton Mee and (ii) Braised pork rice. The bowl of noodles is a very small portion, so just order both to try and you wont regret it. The noodles are not as fantastic as I though they would be, but the braised pork rice definitely blew me away. You must try it for yourself, meanwhile, id let the photos do the talking!


After a good breakfast, make your way to Siam Centre. Siam Centre is a large area filled with various interesting things to do other than shopping in Siam Paragon. Continue the shopping adventures at Siam Paragon. If you would like to do something different than the usual shopping, head to Siam Discovery, there are exhibits and even the famed Madame Tussauds and Ocean World for all ages.

Right across the street from Siam Centre, there is an authentic Thai restaurant that serves superb local cuisines that will not burn the pocket, and it is highly recommended by a lot of sites and locals! We (highly) recommend having lunch at Ban Khun Mae when you visit Bangkok. Order the usual Tom Yum Soup and Pineapple rice, and do try their Duck in Red Curry!


Always have desserts after meal when in Bangkok. Just less than 5 minutes away from Ban Khun Mae, head to After You restaurant for some mouth watering Shibuya Honey Toast!


When you are done with all the eating, last stop before you end of the trip would definitely be to visit the supermarket to buy all the snacks such as pocky sticks or seaweed from Thailand! A walk back towards Pratunam from Siam, you will pass by BigC. BigC is a large scale supermarket that has absolutely everything you will need! Stock up on the souvenirs or snacks and you’ll be well stocked and making your way back to your hotel to pack up and leave for the airport!

If you do have last minutes shopping you’d like to make at a mall, for shoes or retailing products, you can drop by Central World that is situated right next to BigC. In addition, for all electronics guru out there, MBK mall is the place to go for all things electronics that you need! Remember to buy more and haggle when you’re there!

If you still have time in your 3 days in bangkok, check out our top 14 things to do in Bangkok list and find one that is of interest to you.


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