Things to do in Phuket – 3D2N short trip itinerary

When Singaporeans think of going for a beach holiday, the usual place that comes to mind is places such as Bali. But a beach vacation often forgotten, that is only an hours flight away from Singapore, is Phuket.

Besides the fact that Phuket offers blue turquoise water (if you know where to find them, Read: Freedom Beach; Phuket’s hidden gem) and beautiful beaches, Phuket is also part of the Land of smiles; think Tom Yum, Thai Massages, Thai Food, Thai hospitality, Mango Sticky Rice, Thai ice milk tea, etc.

Our Travel Blog recently partnered with Thailand Tourism Board to Unbox Thailand and proved that we could go for a lovely beach holiday over a long weekend without having to take any leaves.

Day 1 – Phuket Beach, Patong Area, Bangla Street, Muay Thai Match

After checking into our hotel, it was straight to clearing all the MUST dos in Phuket. We chose to stay within the Patong Area where most of the key attractions are. Head to OTOP Patong to find lotsa street stalls where you can do your shopping and get local souvenirs and cheap shorts, singlets etc.

Along the streets, you would also find lots of food stalls selling favourites such as Coconut Ice Cream, Fresh Fruits, Thai Ice Tea etc. Aside from food, the streets are also filled with massage parlours with massages starting from just 300THB for an hour of Thai massage.

In the same area, theres also Patong Beach (or head to Freedom beach for a hidden gem of a beach) that you can head to to get your beach fix. Bring your own beach towel if you dont want to pay a fee to use one of the beach chairs. Get your tan in and/or choose to do one of the water activities at the beach. For the sea lovers, Phuket faces the open sea, so you can expect for the waves to be constant and huge enough for you to surf in if you wish.

Fight Night at Bangla Boxing Stadium

When night comes, the streets of Bangla Street really come alive with bars, music and night life. Just beware of pickpockets and sex scams. If you are lucky enough to be in Phuket on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you can even choose to watch a live Muay Thai match at either Patong or Bangla boxing stadium. If you havent been to a live muay thai match, you would be in for a big treat. The atmosphere at a Muay Thai match is unlike any other sports. Ringside seats also mean that you can practically “feel” every punch and kick that is thrown; as the sound of each punch/kick that lands resonates throughout the entire stadium. For the adventurous, you can even make bets with the on site bookies.

Day 2 – Phi Phi Island Day Tour , Villa

Phuket Phi Phi Island Day tours

When most think of Phuket, they think of streets, shopping and night life. But Phuket has so many uncovered secrets that offers a glimpse of nature that is unlike other experiences in and around the city.

If it is your first time in Phuket, I would highly recommend you to take a day tour to Phi Phi Island. A typical Phi Phi island day tour starts with the bus picking you up from your hotel in the wee hours of the morning. After picking you and the rest of the participants up, you will be sent to the jetty and be assigned your designated speed boat.

The phi phi tour starts with heading to nearby islands and bays such as Monkey Island, Mata Bay etc. You would also be given the time to snorkel in turquoise blue waters and experience some of the finest sands the region has to offer.

Phi Phi Island Beach

Phi Phi island day tours are a good break from the rest of the city lift in Phuket and lets you get in touch with mother nature with green mountains and turquoise waters. The islands and bays are a spectacle to be seen, felt and experience at least once in Phuket.

The tour ends and has you back by around 5~6pm. If you are like us and want to experience villa stays like those of Bali, fret not, there are plenty of such stays in Phuket as well if you would only find.

We personally chose to stay at Marriott Vacation Club, Phuket for our villa stay. So after our Phi Phi day tour, we made a hotel transfer to our new villa where we spent the rest of the night using the in hotel facilities. Marriott vacation club Phuket also offers open air movie nights at the swimming pool. Grab your swim suit and watch a movie in their huge swimming pool for a romantic movie experience. Other in hotel facilities include swimming pool volleyball, ping pong, mini golf etc. If you reach the hotel early, you can also take their buggy to their nearby beach to catch the sunset. Alternatively, you can also check out other Phuket Villas.

Day 3 – Tribhum Theme Park, Cental Phuket, After Beach Bar

Start your day early on the last day. If you are, as we assume sun burnt by now, and want to do something aside from heading to the beach, you can head to one of Phuket’s newest attraction; Tribhum Theme Park.

Located within Central Phuket, Tribhum Theme Park is Phuket’s latest attraction opened in 2019. The 3 level theme park follows the story of mystical creatures and beings with shows that feature 3D graphics and animation. Follow the story of the Naga and Garuda throughout the theme park with many attractions that resemble that of a local version of Disneyland or Universal Studios. Our favourite attractions were the demon maze and the silver glider.

the demon maze features a maze that you would have to find a bell within the given time, what was interesting was that there would be demons along the way to scare and give that extra adrenaline rush, much like what one would expect at Universal Halloween Horror night.

The silver glider is their zipline that hangs at 4 storey high and it’s 200ms track swings you on the outside of the theme park at speeds of up to 45kmph.

After you are done with Tribhum, you can simply head upstairs and Shop, Eat and explore the rest of Central Phuket. Central phuket is one of the largest shopping centers in Phuket that covers a range of local shops to international designers.

End your Phuket trip and head to one of Phuket’s hidden gem beach bar, After Beach Bar for a killer sunset view. Grab a drink, relax and bask in the beautiful sunset before heading back to Singapore.


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