Gaston Luga Review: The Swedish Backpack Taking the World By Storm

Im not sure about you, but our Singapore Food Blog & Travel Blog have always faced the trouble of finding the perfect backpack for our travels. We like our bagpacks versatile, comfortable to carry and of a decent size (so that we’ll have enough space to store all our shopping loots when we travel). Most importantly, we also want our backpack to be STYLISH! Well, if the bag is gonna follow us on our travels it better be stylish as hell cos it’ll be appearing in our feeds!

So when this quirky chic bag company from Sweden approached us, it sparked our interest and we started scrolling through all their designs and all of the color combinations and designs which honestly look pretty awesome. So, presenting, Gaston Luga!

You would have probably seen their bags on some of the Singapore Influencers over the past few months and we weren’t kidding when we said most of the designs are awesome. Sadly, 4 out of 5 designs we set out eyes on were out of stock at that point of time and we were pretty afraid the bags wouldn’t be able to reach us in time for us to flaunt it in our recent Japan trip!

But lucky for us, stocks came just in time (exactly 2 days before our trip). We chose the Classic Navy & Brown and the Praper Black. We brought the Classic on our trip and we’ll let the pictures/video do the talking on how stylish it complements our photos!

We travelled quite a bit out of Tokyo with the bag and it definitely passed the comfort and durability test. It was able to hold all of our shopping loots, snacks for the day, water bottle, camera and even my jacket.

It also withstood rain and shine, quite literally. It rained on 2 whole days and the bag, albeit not made of any waterproof material; it dried as quickly as we got drenched.

The Praper on the other hand, can be a good fit for the corporate working adults. Its classy overall simplistic design works for any day to day outfit. It’s sleek outlook also compliments Alvin who rides a bike in Singapore.

To view more of their products, hop onto Gaston Luga’s site to see the wide range of colors and we’re positive that you’ll find something just for you too!

Gaston Luga has also kindly provided our readers with a promo code, “livelaugh15” that you guys can enter at checkout and enjoy FREE shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + additional 15% off on the remaining price after tax rebate.

So what are you waiting for? Your next travel backpack is just a click away!


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