Traveling Couple engaged after an Epic Skydiving Proposal with a Pokeball ring box

So even though it’s not exactly travel related, there’s a secret we have been dying to share with all of you guys cause it almost feels like we know all of you personally after having you guys along for all our travel adventures.

It took us awhile to get the pictures and all the video editing done, but now, we are finally ready to share it with everyone on our travel blog!

Are you ready?

*drum rolls

The people behind our Singapore Travel Blog, Alvin & Nicole, finally got ENGAGED during our recent trip to Australia!!!


We have received an outpour of blessings over the past few weeks and we really can’t be more grateful.

It happened in Byron Bay, Australia cause being the travelers that we are, it only made sense that I didn’t do it back in Singapore and instead chose to do it in scenic Australia where I hope the pretty skies and beautiful beaches would help add on to the whole romantic atmosphere for my proposal idea.

And if you have even been following our Travel blog, you would know that we are always up for an adventure, and I personally couldn’t think of a bigger adventure than jumping out of a moving plane. So yes, I did my proposal whilst skydiving in Gold Coast.

This was how it happened:

It was one of those geek wedding proposals with the whole Pokeball and Disney princess engagement rings, but for the both of us, it was one that none of us would ever forget and I personally couldn’t be more thankful than how the whole proposal idea transpired.

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