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Going on a holiday is fun, but just getting there can sometimes be abit of a bore. Long flight time, airport transits etc, you get my point. Hence it should come as no surprise that the people behind this Singapore Travel Blog are big earphones people. So when Swedish Brand Sudio came to us to offer us a pair for us to give our genuine review on their earphones, we hop all over the opportunity. And before we start, let us first clarify that we currently already own a pair of  Ajays, Jaybirds & Airpods

I went for the Sudio Regent and like a child under a christmas tree, I was so excited the day the Sudio earphones arrived. It was packed in pretty boxes that you know just by looking at it, that they put effort into planning how it’ll make the receiver feel. And when you pull open the drawer like box, earphones out, the smell of leather instantly hits your nose, telling your brain that you just bought into quality.

The Sudio Regent wraps around your ears, but unlike usual headphones, it’s compact size meant that it doesnt fully cover your ears (or maybe i have big ears, i dont know). But if you are looking for earphones/headphones that offer noise cancellation ability, these aren’t it. Because the headphones dont fully cover your ears, you would still be able to hear sounds from the outside unless you turn the music up to a significant volume.

The good thing is that the headphones does what it is supposed to do, and it does it very well. The music the Sudio regent produces is crisp and sound quality is comparable to even the best brands in the market. The sound quality it produces punches well above the weight class of it’s price tag. Sudio term it as “an impeccable balance of instrumental tones and noise clarity, the musical elements seamlessly knit together to create an unmatched listening experience. “. And I must say, for just SG$149, it does do exactly that, and it does it for extended periods of time. In one full charge, the Sudio Regent would have enough play time to last for over 24hours.

And thats not even the best part, the best part of the Sudio Regent is that it actually looks super sleek. Sudio markets the fact that Regent has a custom designed interchangeable caps that you can use to personalize and make the earphones truly your own. However, in my own personal opinion, i think the Regents look extremely sleek by itself. In fact, many a times I find myself, switching from my jaybirds to the Sudio regent when I hit in the gym. I feel proud to be seen around in it and love the finishing of the product overall.

Functionality wise, the headphones does connect easily to my phone via spotify. But if i do have to nitpick, there are some areas that I think sudio could have done better. For example, the Regents use beeps and a blinking light to let you know that it has been connected. But to be honest, who looks at the small little light at the bottom of the earphone? Chances are that you already have your headphones on and is trying to switch them up and a beep is barely really anything especially in a crowded room. Other weird feature i found is that the volume up button is at the back rather than at the front, which I personally found abit strange. Also, the headphones dont have any way of telling you how much battery is left, out of its 24hrs juice. I find myself just trying to charge them any way just so that it wouldnt suddenly die on me. My biggest pet peeve however, was that the Sudio Regents didnt come with any sort of dustbag or even a carrier of any sorts. This was extremely inconvenient considering how I usually throw my headphones into my bag and only use it when I have to.

Overall, is Sudio Regents the best headphones there is out there? No, it really isnt. But what it is, is that it is very value  for money. For just $149, it is a compact piece of headphones that not only look good, but also has very decent sound quality. It doesnt quite match up to the Bose or Beats, but it isnt trying to. Because Sudio understands that there is a group of people who dont really need the absolute best and isnt willing to pay half a grand for their music, but there are people who  just want something decent and affordable that they can bring around and use on a daily basis.

Aesthetically, Sudio Regents look amazing. Sound wise, it is clear and crisp. A rare combination for earphones that cost less than $150. And for our readers, you can get it for even lesser.

Sudio has also very kindly included a promo code exclusively for our readers, so that you can enjoy an additional 15% off. Simply enter discount code: livelaughtravel at checkout and you are all set.

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