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When Nicole and I first started our Travel Blog,, we did NOT meant for it to be an avenue for us to get famous or become rich. It was purely because we were traveling a lot and our friends/family would constantly ask us for tips about the places we head to. We would get really excited in explaining every part of our trip down to the slightest of detail, only to have another friend/family member ask us the same thing the very next day.

We thought to ourselves on how could we have this information up on a fix place for us to share the ups and more so, the downs of our trips and the places we have been to and the lessons we have learnt. One thing led to another and soon, was born.

We weren’t making much money, in fact we weren’t making any money at all when we first started the site. It was purely out of our love to travel and our excitement to share our passion to the world. We started to diligently note down on our phone ; information, facts and details about things such as how to get from one place to another, train maps etc on our trips and later start arranging and transferring the information down into a proper article when we get back.

Till date, we are still not full time Travel Bloggers (although we someday hope to be) and still have our own jobs/work outside of blogging. Sometimes it does get hard to juggle work and still find time to write articles etc, so we’ll alternate between the both of us and take turns to do the writing.


Hence for us to be voted in Food Panda Magazine’s Recent 2016 Top 50 Lifestyle, Food and Travel Blogger list, it was truly a huge huge honor.

It was heart warming to know that our efforts are appreciated and the time, sweat and energy we put into our articles is starting to get recognized by people in the industry.

Despite the award, we by no means consider ourselves successful, but instead, find this very motivating and if anything, makes us just want to work harder.

We give you guys our word that we will continue striving hard, both in providing useful travel tips and also giving genuine & honest reviews in our recently launched Singapore Food Blog section in the time to come.

We thank you all for your support and love that you guys have shown us and we assure you that we will do our best to never let you guys down.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for reading and supporting

Alvin & Nicole


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