How to get from London to Paris or Amsterdam


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The great thing about Europe is that you can easily travel between countries with little hassle, and all you really need to do is figure out the most cost-effective way for you to do just that. If you’re visiting London, with all the pomp and ceremony, and hustle and bustle, as part of a European trip then you might want to get from the English capital back into mainland Europe, perhaps to visit Paris or Amsterdam for your next destination. Well, that’s easy enough to do, and our Travel blog sums up the options available to you.



The Eurostar is a high speed train network which runs between London, Paris and Brussels. It is always advisable to book your ticket in advance, as far as possible, because last minute fares for this particular mode of transport can be expensive, but bargains are very possible in advance. From London St Pancras you could be in Paris within just a few hours, all within the comfort of a train which will cater for your every whim. This is probably the most relaxed way to arrive in Paris or Brussels. Obviously from Paris you can easily connect from there to Amsterdam via further trains, however Brussels is probably an easier option.


The ferry from Dover to Calais is probably the most famous and oldest route for getting from the UK to France, and you will need to get a train, coach or drive down to Dover from London. From there you will sail over to Calais, where again you will need to connect to public transport to take you to your destination. Ferry crossings can be quite cheap, again when done in advance, and this is probably a cheaper way than the Eurostar, however a little bit more in the way of hassle because it isn’t as direct.


Low cost airlines are a great option for connecting between major cities, and in terms of this route, you can easily find a direct flight from Stansted, Gatwick, Luton, or even Heathrow, to Paris or Amsterdam. This is the quickest, and most direct way. If you can find a cheap fare, which let’s face it, isn’t that difficult, then you will be laughing all the way to your next destination, undoubtedly in the quickest time too.

Eurotunnel crossing with car/coach

If you prefer the freedom of driving in your own car then you can do this by booking a Eurotunnel crossing, to ferry you and your car underneath the English Channel via train. You can also adopt this method to a coach journey, as there are countless companies who travel to the continent, including to Paris and Amsterdam, using the same method as if you were going to drive yourself. It depends on whether you want the responsibility of driving on the continent or not, but the option is certainly there.

As you can see, there are quite a few options available to you when it comes to getting from London to Paris or Amsterdam. It’s really a case of which you prefer and how quick you need to get there, but all in all, it is rather cheap and cheerful. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Singapore Food Blog when we cover about the cafes and places to eat that Paris has to offer once you get there!


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