Travel Writing

Are you constantly plagued with the wanderlust bug? Constantly feeling the need to travel as you stare into space, wishing you were somewhere else on the planet exploring the world instead of being cooped up at work or school?

Or do you have an undying passion when it comes to food? A permanent foodie with a constant craving for good food to excite your tastebuds?

If you are any of the above and have a knack of writing, we want you to join our Livelaughtravel team as a food or travel writer.

Through our short stint as bloggers, our Singapore Food Blog and Travel Blog have experienced some humble success as we managed to rack up various awards and accolades, such as being voted the Top 50 Travel Bloggers. We have also through our time, had the opportunity to work with brands such as Singapore Tourism Board, Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Sarawak Tourism Board, Volvo Singapore, Resort World Group, Apricot Hotel, Uniqlo Singapore, DBS Bank, Expedia, Sentosa, Maricar Japan, Gaston Luga Sweden and many others.

Our limited success in growing Livelaughtravel has also helped us open many other doors.

But while it is always good to have options, Livelaughtravel which started as a 2 man team, slowly found ourselves overwhelmed by the number of opportunities that came knocking as a result.

It is with great pity that we have had to turn down fully paid travel experiences and/or food tasting chances as they coincide with our own schedule or travel plans.

After giving up on one too many opportunities, we decided to embark on our own journey to create a team of resident food/travel writers and associates, who would be able to attend events from around the world on our behalf!

Join our small but growing Livelaughtravel Crew as we look to put more footsteps around the globe.

Benefits of joining Livelaughtravel as a Food or Travel Writer 

  • Get Exclusive invites to Fully Paid or Subsidized travel and food experiences
  • Come under the Livelaughtravel umbrella and get discounts during your next food / travel adventure
  • Experience Food / Travel Writing first hand as a “blogger” and use your published article in your future resumes
  • Co-share Travel Essentials such as Cameras or GoPro (You no longer have to get one for yourself during the next trip, we can loan you ours)
  • Use Livelaughtravel’s platform to gain exposure and market yourself as a writer
  • Learn about digital marketing and blogging strategies from our resident experts
  • Co-share experiences and tips about travels, food and even blogging as a whole

How does it work & what does it mean to be part of the Livelaughtravel crew as a writer?

On a day to day basis, nothing changes. Being part of our Livelaughtravel Crew as a travel or food writer isn’t a full time job. It works more on a part time concept where you can join the trips/food tasting whenever you are free.

How it works ( Food/Travel Writer Event Invites):

  1. When we receive an invite to a particular event, trip or food tasting, we’ll do a email blast to all our crew members (based on the client’s requirements, we might selective email blast i.e Client requires a female writer, we’ll only blast out to our female crew/associates etc)
  2. When you receive the email, check your schedule and if the event is of interest to you and you are able to attend, just reply and let us know
  3. Slots would be filled on a first come first serve basis and we would send you a confirmation if you have been selected to attend the event.
  4. Submit your written article to us with pictures within 3 weeks of attending the event for vetting

How to apply to be a Travel/Food Writer for Livelaughtravel


To apply to be our travel / food writer, simply showcase your food/travel writing abilities by writing and emailing us a self written travel story, itinerary, article or review of a trip/restaurant you have been to recently.

Articles must be 100% original and not re-spun or copied and paste. Article has to be in US English and be of at least 500 words in length. Articles must include your travel pictures and travel videos (if any), and  be genuine and not have hidden agendas such as advertisements etc.

We will review your article and if approved, your article will be published live onto our blog and you would officially be part of our Livelaughtravel Food/Travel writer crew. Your email would then be added to our list and you would subsequently be included in our invite list.

It’s just that simple!

Your ticket to exclusive invites and fully paid trips/food tasting is just an article away. Email your article to us today and we look forward to you joining our food and travel writing crew!

*PS This opportunity is currently only open to residents of Singapore