Fat Cow Restaurant Review

So we decided to welcome the addition of our Singapore Food Blog section with a review of one of the most raved about cows on the entire island of Singapore, a Fat but Delicious Cow; Fat Cow restaurant steakhouse.


If you know us personally, or if you have been following our instagram account, you’ll know that we are always up for some good steak. It was a good month and we decided to eat out at a nicer place to celebrate. We started searching online and found Fat Cow with it’s highly rated reviews and we decided to check it out the night itself.

Date of Livelaughtravel.net Dining: May 2016

Getting to Fat Cow

Located on the 1st Floor of Camden Medical Centre on 1 Orchard Blvd, Fat Cow is probably not a place that most of us would walk past on a day to day basis. I for one, didn’t know the place existed till I Googled it. Camden Medical Centre, even though is on Orchard Blvd, physical location is closer to Tanglin, near the old Trader’s Hotel (currently Tanglin Hotel Jen). The nearest Mrt Station is Orchard, but it would take an approximately 15mins walk for you to get there from the station. So if you are heading to Camden Medical Centre and would not be driving, we recommend you going via bus instead. Parking rates at Camden aren’t cheap either and starts from $3 for the 1st hour before 6pm on weekdays and $1.50 per subsequent 30mins thereafter. Entry after 6pm is charged $4/entry.

Fat Cow Review: Salad

We started our dinner off with a Salad that was recommended by the waitress. I for one was never a big fan of leafy Greens but was actually surprised that we managed to finish the entire bowl. The crunchy leaves mix with their special dressing made for a light but surprisingly decent appetizer.

Fat Cow Review: Uni


For our 2nd appetizer, we opted to go for the Uni (Sea urchin). Unis aren’t very common in Singapore and even in Japanese restaurants. It went for SG$34 for 2 pcs but they weren’t stingy with the Sea Urchin portions. There is really not much to say about the Uni cause it doesn’t really require much cooking. But if you haven’t tried or have been wanting to try Sea Urchin, this would be a good and safe place to do so.



This wasn’t cheap. Their grilled prawn went for SG$25/pc and SG$65 for a set of 3. But when they wrote “Arguably the world’s tastiest prawn, from Spain.” We knew we HAD to try it and ordered 6pcs. I was personally really looking forward to this after reading the caption but boy did it turn out to be a disappointment. Visually, the prawn looked amazing. But when you actually start digging into it, it tasted no different than any other prawns I have from a BBQ stall with the addition of salt. Perhaps it was the big claim of being the world tastiest prawn or that each piece cost more than what one could get for a plate of beef outside, but I was really expecting more and it just didn’t deliver. I have had shrimps and prawns at Bubba Gum which cost a fraction of what this was and tasted much better.

Fat Cow Review: Shabu Shabu


For one of our mains, we ordered their A4 Grade Shabu Shabu for SG$85. The Shabu Shabu came with a side plate of mushrooms and vegetables to accompany the beef. The soup base was decent, the meat was limited (so much so that we had to order another portion of one of the following dishes just to fill the tummy up) and to be honest it was nothing too fantastic.

Fat Cow Review: Donabemeshi


This is probably the most famous dish that Fat Cow is known for. A Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef claypot rice with mushroom, egg and their house sauce. The short answer? It did not disappoint. The beef bowl, Donabemeshi, cost SG$78 per bowl but tasted great. The base sauce that they put into the rice gel-ed well with everything that was in the pot. The beef was slightly chewy but you could definitely taste the charcoal grill flavor.  Slightly pricey than what I would have personally paid for it, but this was perhaps the most filling main dish of their entire selection. The downside of the beef bowl is that because the beef is cooked, you don’t get to taste the true essence of the beef by itself as compared to if you ordered the next dish:

Fat Cow Review: Grade A3 Tenderloin Wagyu Beef


We ordered two portions of their A3 Tenderloin Wagyu Beef. On the left 110g (SG$89) and on the right 220g (SG$178). The beef was tender and it does melt in the mouth. The sauce provided was a good compliment to the tender & incredibly juicy beef. The only downside is that if you were only intending to order the 100g main for one pax, chances are that that person wont be too full after so you’ll have to probably order something else or eat somewhere else after.

Fat Cow Price & Overall Review

Our final damage done? Almost SG$1000 for 5 person (avg SG$200/pax). The food at Fat Cow is undoubtedly yummy and your taste buds would thank you for eating there. But the question that I struggle with is whether it was worth it. Most of the portions were limited and if consumed by its own, without any sides/appetizer/additional portions, would most likely be un-filling. So while the food is tasty, we personally dont find it exactly the most value for money. I mean, for that price, we personally have had better. To us, it was a good one time experience, but would we go back? Probably not in the near future as we most likely would much rather eat somewhere else if we were spending in that price bracket.

*PS we ordered this drink as well but I cant for the life of me remember what it’s called (we were still a travel blog back then). Perhaps you would want to show the waitress this picture if you happen to be there. It’s light, refreshing and really pretty good 🙂


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