Strangers Reunion: Delicious Waffles w Coffee made by World Siphon Coffee Champion

There are far too many dessert places to name and try in Singapore. Cafes are constantly popping up and disappearing on a day to day basis, and only the truly good ones would be able to stand the test of time. So today we’re sharing our Singapore Food Blog‘s favourite waffle place; Strangers Reunion. Tucked away in central Singapore, this quaint little place is always fully packed whenever we visit. But our love for their buttermilk waffle (regardless of Alvin’s uninterested expression in the below picture) would still have us returning time and time again.

Stranger Reunion’s waffles are made to order. They are fragrant, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. For the topping, you can choose between having your waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or greek yogurt that is paired with generous amount of fruits.

Most waffles turn soft and soggy after the ice cream melts and seeps into the waffle, ruining the crunchy-ness and firmness that waffles are supposed to have. I have no idea how Strangers Reunion make their waffle batter, but up until the very last bite (even after the ice cream is melted and overflowing from the sides of the waffles), their waffles are still spongy which blends perfectly with the soft ice cream/yogurt that you pair it with.

(Image from Strangers Reunion Facebook)

My personal fav is the one topped with greek yogurt, but Alvin prefers the ice-cream. My rationale is that the fresh fruits that they top it off with compliments the sour taste of the greek yogurt! The combination of the yogurt, the fruits and the waffle is not too sweet so its perfect for everyone!

The best part, that isn’t even what Strangers Reunion is famous for. Cause aside from their amazing waffles, Strangers Reunion is also home to the reining World Siphon Coffee Champion, Ryan Tan. Other accolades that this famous barista has chalked up include ASEAN Barista Champion, 3 times Singapore Latte Art Champion and 3 time Singapore Barista Champion. It is hence safe to say that you would be able to get your caffein fix at Strangers.

For a matter of fact, many of the other famous baristas at other Cafes had their beginnings right at Strangers Reunion.

(Image from Strangers Reunion Facebook)

If we were to be very honest, we haven’t tried much of the other items on the menu, but they do have other selections such as buttermilk waffles topped with maple syrup etc., and they do serve light bites, all day breakfast and a decent dinner menu. But for us personally, Strangers Reunion serve as our perfect Sunday morning hangout where we could head down and enjoy delicious waffles paired with aromatic coffee as we watch the world go by.

Be it for an after dinner chill/desserts or a weekend brunch, Strangers Reunion never disappoints. It is our go-to place for waffles and coffee, and our Travel Blog would recommend any visiting friends who love coffee to pay them a visit too.

Strangers’ Reunion is situated near Tanjong Pagar, @ 35 Kampong Bahru Road, and is opened everyday except Tuesday. Operating hours are between 9am-10pm (9am~12am on Fridays and Saturdays).


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