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turkeyTurkey is a beautifully diverse country with plenty to offer travellers. Sitting between Europe and Asia, this beautiful country is culturally rich with Ottoman history. Because of the country’s location between Greece, Syria, Lebanon, and Armenia, a wide variety of cultures can also be experienced in many Turkish cities. Turkey has towering mosques, beautiful beaches, staggering mountains and cliffs, and beautiful scenery that beckons to tourists. The only issue you will have when visiting is deciding where to go and what to see first.

Historical Sites
The area now known as Turkey has fluctuated several times throughout ancient history. The Ottoman Empire, the Hittite, and the Anatolians once called the area home. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is considered to be the founder of what is now known as modern Turkey. Although Turkey has gone through a number of evolutions over time, much of the ancient history that once existed there is still present in architecture and culture. The Alanya Castle and citadel stand partially in ruin, but are accessible to the public to some degree. The Anadolu Hisari castle also remains standing to this day, although nearly all portions have degraded to the point where they are inaccessible. You can catch a close-up glimpse of the ruin by visiting the Rumeli Fortress just a short distance away; the fortress is open and accessible to the public year-round. True history buffs will also love the Antalya Museum and the thousands of artefacts that reflect ancient Turkey within it. Further south lays the Assos ruins. These ruins hold what is left of the only remaining temple to Athena within the area.

Although much of Turkey’s ancient history lies in the form of ruins in modern times, your accommodations will provide you with a chance to relax in the lap of luxury. The Neorion Hotel in Istanbul is a sensuous-yet-historical experience, and is a family-friendly choice for parents with young children. It does an excellent job of creating a comfortable space that isn’t too pompous or brash.
For couples, or those who do prefer a bit of pomp and class, the Hotel Sultania is unparalleled. Named winner of the Traveller’s Choice Award several times, this is a hotel that strives to go over and above. The rooms are lavish and decorated in traditional Turkish style, with elements of gold and bronze common. Service is outstanding, and VIP concierge services are available at the drop of a hat.

Istanbul is where gastronomists want to be when it comes to great gourmet restaurants. For breakfast, or a hot mug of strong Turkish coffee, locals and tourists alike flock to the Velvet Café. The nearby Sultanahmet Buhara Kebab House is a whirlwind of authentic Turkish cuisine, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even groups with flair. Those staying in nearby hotels will also find that the Kebab House is open after-hours; should you exhaust yourself with touring around, great food is just a telephone call away.
For those who wish to have a more laid-back, bar style experience, Shadow is highly recommended. The bar serves food and drinks throughout the day, opening for breakfast and only closing very late into the evening. The main bartender, a man by the name of Gino, is known for his bartending tricks and jovial attitude. The staff is well-known for keeping the ambience lively and entertaining. This little spot is a great place to go experience everyday Turkish culture, without any of the usual tourist glitz.

So if you are looking for a fascinating great next trip with your family/partner, why not consider Turkey?

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