Why you should visit Turkey

The following is written by a UK friend of the Singapore Travel Blog on why everyone should make a trip and visit Turkey.

Visit Turkey


I am currently living in Turkey for a while, a tourist town on the south coast to be exact, and I have been visiting here for around eight years. You might be rather interested to learn that prior to those eight years I would rather have stabbed myself in the eye with a pen than visit Turkey.


I had a stereotypical idea of what it would be like, and I rather foolishly believed my preconceived ideas to be true.

They were clearly untrue, otherwise I wouldn’t be sat overlooking a bazaar, listening to the mosque in the distance on a sunny April afternoon, whilst writing this article.

We don’t only have to talk about Turkey when we look at this subject, because having preconceived ideas about somewhere, usually negative, can stop you from experiencing the positive parts of the place, and for me I found much more positive than I did negative.

Let me explain.

I had an idea in my head that Turkey would be full of men trying to con me out of a visa, poor human rights, dirty streets, and questionable morals. The only reason I first ventured to Turkey was because it was either join my friend on her vacation to Marmaris, my current home on the south coast of Turkey, or don’t go on vacation anywhere at all that year. I chose the sun, and that led me to choose my new home.

I didn’t find half of my misconceptions to be at all true, and what I discovered instead was that Turkey as a whole is full of welcoming people, friendly locals, a beautiful country with stunning sights to see and experiences to be had, delicious cuisine, and a rich and intoxicating culture that begs to be explored. Yes, there are some bad people here, and yes, there are some visa hunters here, but there are bad people and visa hunters in whichever country the world over you visit, so it’s important to not let the media and a few scorned stories stop you from experiencing what I believe to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Stereotypes can be dangerous, and putting everyone and everything into a box with your idea labelled onto it simply means you’re being narrow-minded and refusing to explore the world. My preconceived ideas about Turkey were incorrect, and although I have heard stories and also seen a few things to make your eyes water, the same can be said about my own town back in England.

People will talk, people will label you, and people will judge, but seeing the world and exploring every sight and sound of a destination should always be at the forefront of your mind. Travel is a special thing that we should all be open to, and in that there is no room for misconceptions, stereotypes, or preconceived ideas, not until you’ve experienced it and found out for yourself.

So, if you fancy a break to sunny Turkey this year, come! Experience everything I’ve found to be true about this beautiful country, and see if you find yourself just as hooked as I am.”

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