Don’t exceed the speed limit in Australia – Hefty Fines

Australian’s are generally pretty laid back about a lot of stuff. But that attitude does not apply to their laws. Australia is very strict with their laws and strongly enforces every one of them. That is made apparent the moment you step onto their land and have to abide to their strict Australian immigration rule where you are not allowed to even bring in food etc from another country, or even occasionally, another state.

So as most of you might have known by now that our Singapore Travel Blog took a trip to Australia just a month ago and we even flew in our family for our proposal. But we only joined them for a short lake of their trip as they explored areas such as Melbourne that we have decided to skip cause we have been there before. They also rented a car whilst there to get to and fro phi phi island etc.

So fast forward 2 weeks since then, we received a notice of speeding infringement from the Victoria Police saying that they have been caught speeding.

So we know Australia is very strict with their rules, how strict?


On top of AUD190, they would also have to pay AU$66 per fine to Thrifty, the car rental company although im not quite sure why.

They had gotten 2 speeding tickets, so thats (190+66)*2= AU$512.


Here’s one of the tickets:


So guys, really, if there’s one take away from reading our Travel Blog about Australia, DONT speed in Australia.

Stick to the speed limit even if the cars are all just zooming pass you!

It was an expensive lesson we learnt and one that you should share with your friends and family heading there.

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