12 Things to do in Brisbane

If you are coming into Brisbane from Gold Coast, it won’t take you long for you to realize that Brisbane moves at a completely different pace than Gold Coast. Brisbane is relatively much more laid back as compared to the rest of the big cities in New South Wales such as exciting Gold Coast or Fast paced Sydney! So if you are looking for excitement and heart pumping things to do, you are probably in the wrong city!

But don’t get me wrong! That doesn’t mean Brisbane isn’t worth a visit, cause it definitely is! Brisbane, known for it’s Queenslander architecture, has everything you need to release those piled up tension from work/school. Here’s our Singapore Travel Blog‘s recommendation of things to do in Brisbane.

1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

things to do in brisbane
Koalas and Kangaroos are almost synonymous with Australia! So if you haven’t visited any sanctuary/zoo in any other Aussie states, you should pay Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary a visit. Lone Pine is one of the largest Koala Sanctuary¬† around with over 130 Koalas and offer the opportunity to pet/feed Kangaroos and take pictures with those adorable Koalas for a fee. Lone Pine has been rated as one of the top Brisbane attractions and awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

2. Queen street


Queen street is arguably one of the most popular area in the whole of Brisbane. With shopping malls and street shops carrying brands such as Oakley, Sports Girl, Pandora etc, it’s a shoppers mini heaven in Brisbane!

3. South bank and Collective market


Collective Market or not, South Bank is worth a visit. You would be able to find cafes, eateries and even the famous man-made beach of Brisbane in the middle of the city! Get a crepe, ice cream etc and pick a spot to just bask in the sun or go for a little dip in the water.


If you are visiting Brisbane on a weekend however, you would also be able to visit their collective market where you’ll find tons of Artsy fartsy stuff, shirts, paintings etc for sale!

4. Fortitude Valley

things to do in brisbane
Considering how the rest of Brisbane closes relatively early, Fortitude Valley is the place to be after dark! You’ll find local shopping labels and brands there but most people head to the Valley for the amount of restaurant, pubs and bars found in the around. Kick back, chill, listen to some live music and be merry at the Valley!

5. Brisbane Wheel

things to do in brisbane

For Ferris Wheel lovers, take a scenic round around the Brisbane wheel and fall in the love with the beauty of Brisbane from 60ms up. Located right beside the Brisbane river, the Brisbane Wheel offers a 360 degree panoramic view which is especially pretty in the evening! For those who are not budget conscious, you can even opt to dine on some refreshments onboard the wheel as a VIP (Prior booking required)

6. Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb

things to do in brisbane
As laid back as Brisbane is, there’s still something for the adrenaline junkies! Adrenaline Junkies can suit up and climb Brisbane’s Iconic Story Bridge and even abseil down from it after! Brisbane’s story bridge climb is the equivalent of Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge Climb! Best part is being that it cost half the price climbing in Brisbane than it is to do so at it’s Sydney counterpart!¬† So if this sounds like something you want to do, there’s no better place to do it than in Brisbane!

7. Farmers Market

Go green and enjoy fresh products such as meat, fish, poultry etc at any one of the four farmer’s market Brisbane has to offer! It’s hard to point a finger and put in words on what exactly is so fascinating about visiting a market, but it was an enjoyable experience just basking in the Australian culture and getting intrigued by local artisans whilst chomping down on cheap and fresh local produce for breakfast. Do note that the farmers markets are not permanent and you would only be able to visit them if you are visiting Brisbane on a right day. Powerhouse farmers market opens every Saturday from 6am~12noon, Brisbane City Farmers market open every Wednesday from 8am to 6pm, Manly Farmers market only happens every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 6am to 12 noon and Michelton Farmers market only happens on the 1st sunday of every month from 6am to 12 noon. We do recommend you not visiting too late as certain things do get sold out.

8. Treasury Casino


Treasury Casino is one of the few entertainment spots in Brisbane that opens 24/7 for those who are interested. Even if you are not into gambling, this 19th century styled building which has seen a $57 million refurbishment which included over 5 million spent on stone work preservation that led to the 2008 and 2014 Queensland Heritage Council Gold Award, would still make for a picture worthy photo!

9. Kangaroo Point


Kangaroo Point is in fact not exactly a specific point per say, but is in fact an entire area along the Brisbane River right across their Central Business District. This place offers one of the best spots in Brisbane to sit back, chill and just breathe in the scenery. Walk along the park in the evenings and you would not only be greeted by a pretty sunset, but also by local climbers going at it on natural terrains and cliffs, Yogis doing Yoga by the river, runners, cyclist, families etc

10. River Cruise


We saved the best for our last few recommendations and taking a River Cruise is one of our own personal “to do in Brisbane” favorites! Just like how most countries have public buses and trains for commuters to get around, Brisbane has the same and one more, a ferry! Their City Cat operates much like a bus on water and isn’t exactly supposed to be a tourist attraction, but you can take this open top ferry and enjoy the scenic view of the Brisbane river especially during sunrise/set!


And if that isn’t good enough, Brisbane offers another ferry for tourist to cruise along the Brisbane River for FREE! The red colored tourist ferry stops at lesser stops and comes at a much lesser frequency than the city cat but is completely free of charge! So depending on how rush/budget consious you are, you can choose to either take the free ferry or the city cat! Do note that the open air seats are limited and you are not allowed to stand upstairs, so if you want to, you can sit/stand along the staircase and take the place of anyone coming down for their stop!

11. Cedar Creek Falls


If you want to get out of the City and closer to nature, head southwards and out of Brisbane to find the Cedar Creek Falls. It’s a getaway from the city life and both locals and tourist alike come here to marvel at Cedar Creek’s waterfall, bask in the sun, do some cliff diving etc. If you dont want to change into swim gear, you can also just grab some food and do a short picnic and just enjoy mother nature!

12. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is the city of fun, so if you have enough days to spare, don’t forget to take a day or two to visit Gold Coast which just about a 2 hours train ride away!

Despite the seemingly long list of things to do in Brisbane, it is in fact all very closely located and generally within walking distance such as Kangaroo point, South Bank, Storey Bridge, Brisbane Wheel, Queens street and Treasury Casino.

We hope you have found our travel blog useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends who are visiting Brisbane!

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