The perfect beach backpack – Topologie Dry Bag Review

It’s no secret that we are big fan of beaches and beachside holidays! If you look through our travel blog and instagram, almost 50% of our holidays are beach related. Theres just something about the sea and lying on the beach whilst listening to the sound of waves crashing, and we just absolutely love it. But as much as we love the beach, there are things that we do NOT love, like getting our bags and everything we have inside sandy.

The usual backpacks we all usually bring to the beach works just as well, but we have recently chanced upon Topologie’s dry series bags and we must say we absolutely love it and it has since become our go-to beach bags.

We had a chance to bring the Topologie Weekend Duffel Dry and the Topologie Chalk Bumbag Dry with us during our trip to Bali. The bags are
PU coated and are water and rain proof. Visually, it doesn’t have much design and takes on a sleek matte black look. It’s unpretentious and basic style makes me love it even more as it goes well with almost any wear.

The weekend duffel is my favourite. It is versatile and can easily be switched around to be carried in 3 different ways: A bagpack, a sling or a casual duffel. Which is also why the Topologie matte black look totally works because the bag still looks sleek whichever way you carry it. My favourite part about this however, is that it can carry alot of stuff, like alot. If you know anything about us, we usually have to travel quite heavy, with our camera gear, lens and equipment etc. In the past we usually have to either split our gears into 2 bag packs or opt to not bring out some gear, but the weekend duffel has so much space that it is able to have all our equipment and gear fit into just one bag. I love it! It’s water proof ability also gives me the additional layer of security that my gear is kept dry, well and safe.

The Topologie Chalk Bumbag Dry on the other hand, is a much smaller bag used for the day to day carrying around of essentials. it’s marketed as being able to fit one full mirrorless camera, but thats only if you are using a smaller lens. It fits when we fit our camera with an 85mm lens, but anything bigger than that wouldnt fit. However, this small, compact and dry bag is helpful at the beach where instead of just leaving our valuables at the beach while we head to the sea. We can now bring along our wallet, HP and other important stuff with us in this dry bag when we head down to the water.

Stylish and useful bags that would from now onwards, be our go to beach bags for all our holidays and more.

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