Ellen DeGeneres Perfectly Sums Up Airplane Etiquette These Days


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 decades, chances are that you know who Ellen DeGeneres is! Ellen is known for her talk show and extremely likeable personality. She is one of the few stars that comes across as being real and down to earth.

Aside from giving free stuff on her talk shows, she also frequently talks about very real and everyday issues, things that we would need someone of her celebrity status to speak up for the everyday Joes like the people behind this Singapore Food Blog.

A couple of mths ago, she did one that was pretty close to our lifestyle. She talked about airplane etiquette, or rather, the lack of it in air plane travel these days.

As part of the traveling community, we feel that it is somewhat our duty to spread her message to as many people as possible. Watch this short 2mins clip:


I wouldn’t say we are completely not guilty of the things she mentioned. For one, in our How to Survive a Long Haul Flight article, we spoke of getting comfortable and planning your clothes beforehand. We admit that we have long past the days of where you dress up for your flight and that nowadays, comfort often takes precedence over looks on the plane (*PS we personally do remove our shoes on the plane as well, but we always make sure to have cute socks on so we are not flaunting our bare smelly feet to everyone on the plane). But some of the other stuff can and are sometimes really overbearing and ridiculous.

Our travel blog has had our own experience with such bad in flight passengers both towards us and the flight attendants (Read 9 things your flight attendant secretly wishes to tell you). Other than the usual passengers who recline their seat all the way back, one of our personal bad experience came from another passenger who just wouldn’t share the armrest and placed his whole arm over it.

As we always advocate to our friends and fellow travelers, we understand that this is your holiday and you might have paid a hefty sum for the plane tickets. But keep in mind that it is probably just the same for the person sitting beside you, that it is also his/hers well deserved holiday and that he/she too spent a fortune on the tickets.

Don’t be so self-absorbed and learn to give and take, especially when you are over 10,000 ft in the air and we are all restricted to that much space. If everybody would just learn to share, be patient and put ourselves in the shoes of others, we can all play a part in making everybody’s travel experience a great one.

Share this article and spread Ellen’s message to the masses! Together, I’m sure we can all make a difference 🙂

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