Calling all Harry Potter Fans! Hogwarts is Open for Xmas!



If you are a 80s/90s kid, chances are you have heard of Harry Potter and if you are anything like the people behind this Travel Blog, you too would be a big fan. I mean who wouldn’t as we followed the adventures of Harry from the very first movie series “Sorcerer’s stone” and watched as he grew as the series progress.

We squealed when he had to face the basilisk. We cried when he lost his god father, Sirius Black. We cheered when he got the golden snitch. We moaned when he sacrificed his own life to voldemort. We leered when Emma watson blossomed into a woman (*at least for Alvin) and when Harry learnt about the sad story of his Parents and snape, it felt like it was the story of our own Parents. We were one with Harry potter and all his adventures.

When the movie series ended, it felt like a little bit of us died with it as we thought that we would never see Harry again. In a way, Harry was the boy we all wanted to be growing up. Living in the world of Magic and adventure, fighting Fluffy and Dragons, saving the world etc. While we can never be a true wizard like Harry was, we can now feel like one as Hogwarts just sent an open invitation to all to join them for a one night only Christmas dinner this Decemeber!

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London recently gave all the geeks like us an orgasm as they announced that they would be open for a one night Dinner this year end and all is invited to dine at Hogwarts.

The Dinner will be held at the Great Hall, the set where the actual filming of the movie was made. Decors and props would too be use to resemble the halls that were filmed in “Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone“. Diners would be given a wand and a tour of the entire studio such as the Gryffindor common room would also be available post-dinner.

But unlike the actual students of Hogwarts that get to eat all they can with just a wave of Dumbledore’s hands, this one night only dinner event that lasts from 6pm~12am would set you back by £230/pax.  But if you are half the geek we are, you know that that is a small price to pay to live your childhood dreams. So book your tickets  directly at Warner Bros studio website today HERE if you are gonna be in London this Decemeber!

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