Must try food when you travel around the world


Must try food when you travel around the world? McDonald!

Yes we get that every country has their own local delights, street food and unique cafes and no Travel Blog has ever told you to head to McDonald when you are looking for MUST TRY FOOD from around the world. After all, McDonald is supposed to be the comfort food from home, something you eat when you don’t quite know what else to get or when you are in a rush and you would just grab a burger and go.

But whats not known to many is that McDonald is a marketing genius, they have one-up the marketing game and uses a term known as “Glocalization“. Instead of localization, which adapts taste from the local market, and Globalization, which integrates and uses a global single recipe, McDonald’s uses Glocalization which takes into account both their global branding and local taste.

When you think of McDonald, you think of Big Mac, Fish Fillet, McSpicy, and if you walk into a McDonald overseas and look at their menu, that’s about where the similarity ends. McDonald adds/edits staple from their existing menu, using things we know, such as their Pies and modifies it to suit the local taste.

For example, this strawberry jam pancake with Macadamia nuts ice cream (picture above) we had in Kyoto Japan is a different rendition from the hotcakes back at home. Thailand has the Samurai Pork burger which taste so freaking amazing, which too can’t be found back at our home, Singapore, due to religious factors.

But out of all of them, one of the McDonald’s more successful Glocalization strategy has to come from it’s Pies. Yes, thats right, Pies! Do you know that the Pies you see and eat at your local McDonald can probably only be found in your country?

Buzzfeed recently put together a compilation of some of it’s more famous ones from around the world, so here is it:


So there you have it. On top of collecting Passport stamps and hunting down local street foods, how about ticking of Mcdonald’s pie list as your travel badge of honor for a change? 😀

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