Japan Invents Toilet Paper Specifically for Mobile Phones

Admit it, we’re all guilty of using our phones in the washroom while we’re taking a dump. Here’s a fact, scientists have discovered that our mobile devices carry as much as 5 times more amounts of germs than a regular toilet seat. Moreover, you don’t get people cleaning their mobile devices once a week, or ever clean it at all for that matter, in comparison to cleaning the toilet/toilet seats once a week.


Thus, the largest telco in Japan, Docomo, has came up with a brilliant idea to place specially curated “mobile device sized” toilet paper right beside the roll of regular toilet paper, for mobile phones in the 86 washroom cubicles at the country’s international airport, the Narita Airport’s Arrival Terminal, specifically for users to clean their mobile devices while they are using them in the toilet.

Each sheet is imprinted with welcoming messages for tourists and includes useful information such as instructions on how to connect onto Docomo’s WIFI in the airport.

Trust Japanese people to come up with creative ideas and all things witty to help people maintain their hygiene to urge people to keep their mobile devices clean by using anti-bacterial wipe. Our Singapore Food Blog & Travel blog will not be, but if you’re travelling to Tokyo anytime soon, get ready to snap photos of it!


The mobile toilet papers will be available until March 2017.



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