Japan’s Latest Naked Restaurant Bans Diners who are Overweight

Our Travel Blog is a frequent visitor of Japan. We personally love the country for it’s people, food and it’s constant innovation to come up with new and quirky stuff. But this time, the Japanese may have just outdone themselves with their latest restaurant trend, The Naked Restaurant.


The Amrita, which means “immortality, is a Japanese Naked Dining theme restaurant that is set to open in July. They are following the suit of similar establishments in London and Melbourne where diners have to take off their clothes to eat in. It is unclear at this point whether it would be compulsory, but diners would have the option to use paper under wears to cover their southern region.

The restaurant itself would revolve around the “Adam and Eve” concept where the waiters would be topless musclar men with nothing but G-Strings on. Aside from the organic based buffet menu, diners would also be “treated” to a show and dance performance that features American and European Male Models; think Magic Mike.

Once inside the restaurant,  diners would have to strip down and all camera devices including your phones would be locked up in a table-top box. For obvious reasons, the Amrita ask patrons to not call or touch the bodies of other customers when inside.

But the biggest buzz about the restaurant was in fact not about the fact that you have to dine naked, but that they have super strict regulations about who gets to dine in.

The Amrita has the following rules for their diners:

  • Only people aged 18~60 are allowed
  • No Tattoos
  • No one who is overweight by more than 15kgs (33 pounds)

Leaving aside the fact that people above 60 are not allowed to dine, but it does sound abit stereotypical to not allow people who are overweight to enter.  But either way, the Amrita is not kidding and they are not flexible with the rules. They have stated that if you make a reservation online and if you turn out to be overweight on the day you show up, you would be refused entry and your reservation deposit would not be refundable. The 15kgs (33 pounds) over weight reference would be drawn from your BMI and thus would take into account your height etc.

There is no official confirmation about the venue of the place as yet and the website explains that the location would be disclosed via email when it’s closer to the date. The website also allows for people who are interested to make reservation for 29th, 30th, 31st July but it is also uncertain at this juncture whether it would just be a 3 days pop-up event or if it would be a permanent placement.

Tickets go between 12,000 – 80,000 yen (US$750) for tickets entitling them to eat food and attend the previously mentioned Men Show. For meal tickets without the show, it will cost from 14,000 (US$130) to 28,000 yen (US$260) depending the menu choice. If you think that’s crazy, think again, cause the meal tickets with show is almost fully Sold Out for the 3 days.

What do you think? Would you dine at a restaurant like this? Let us know in the comments below


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