Airline Gives Passengers Free Tickets due to Crying Babies


Ask any mother who has ever had experience doing so and they would tell you how flying with a baby is extremely hard work. You would have to pack a ton more stuff pre-flight and during the flight itself, not only would you have to deal with hearing the heartbreaking cry of your baby, walk your child on the limited isle space, watch over your kid as everyone else is sleeping, feel helpless in knowing how uncomfortable your child is but above all, deal with the stares of less as understanding passengers about your crying baby.

While we understand that it is extremely rude and annoying, we can’t exactly blame the passenger as well as after all we all have been there and our Singapore Travel Blog is no exception. When you have a full day plan out/business meeting to attend upon arrival and all you want to do is grab some shut eye during your flight but apparently the crying baby in the seat in front of you didn’t get the memo about your plans.

To find a middle ground in this unwanted situation, American low cost carrier, JetBlue, recently launched an awesome campaign on Mothers day to turn crying babies into a good thing.

Mid flight, passengers were told about how Jetblue would be giving 25% discount to every passenger for their next flight every time a baby cries and that that 25% could be a cumulative one. So if you do the math, as long as 4 babies cry, it would be a full 100%!

As the flight went on, slowly but surely, a baby started to cry and not too long later, another cried. But unlike how it would usually be met by frowns and stares, this time, it was met by smiles and claps! By the time the 4th baby cried, cheers could be heard throughout the flight.

Watch the Full Video here:

And while we are unsure of how practical it would be in the long run with the potential of unethical mums forcing their babies to cry for a free ticket, it is still certainly a great step forward in recognizing the pain and trouble every mother goes through when their baby cries on board.

While we understand that it is rather annoying to have a baby crying beside you as you try to sleep, try also to understand that the Mum herself doesn’t want her baby to cry as much as you do and is probably already doing everything she can to make everything better.

While you can’t personally make the situation better, you certainly can prevent it from getting worse. A simple act of not staring/frowning goes a longgggg way.

And in other news!

Our Travel Blog is looking to write a Full article on Tips for Mums flying with a baby and advice you would give someone taking a long flight with a baby? Any Mums with experience, do share with us your best tips and advice in the comments below!


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