Livelaughtravel reaches out to Nepal

This Singapore Travel Blog was founded by 2 globetrotters who loved nothing more than to see the world.

We loved the fact that how people around the world are all humans but yet we are separated not by borders but by differing cultures. We learnt to appreciate different cultures and the beauty that comes with each of them.

We learnt that how we are indeed are just 2 little human beings in a world so much larger than we are, and thats why we love traveling.

Traveling often has made us yearn to see more of it, and thats why it breaks our heart whenever we hear of anything unfortunate happening to any part of the world.

On 25th April, an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal with devastating effects. The quake resulted in 2 avalanches at Everest and Langtang valley with continued aftershocks still haunting Nepal. The current death toll of the quake has been over 6000 with over 11,000 people injured and an estimated 8 million people in 39 states affected as a result.
Nepal Earthquake
Ever since the disasters, Nepal has announced a state of mourning and the UN has appealed for $415 million of aid to help Nepal tide through the effects. Even prior to the quake, Nepal with an estimated GDP of 19.92bn (Singapore GDP 297.9 billion), is one of Asia’s poorest country leaving it with little ability to fund for all the reconstruction and rescue efforts.


And while we don’t have $415 million, we are looking to do what we can to help. has since worked with our affiliates from the Socks Singapore team at The Sock Avenue, and Investformation to run an internal donation drive to raise funds for Nepal.

We are not big companies or are we even that established, but we are humans and want to do what we can to help another fellow human being.


If you are anything like us and want to help, you can too. Red Cross Singapore is accepting Monetary donations at 15 Penang lane and if you want to make a contribution, you can do so from 9am~745pm on weekdays and 10am~3pm on weekends and public holidays.

It really doesn’t even have to be much and every little bit counts. appeals to all our readers to have a heart and fork out what little bit you can to help. Every dollar may save a life and every cent would go a long way.


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