11 Marathons that you would want to travel the world for


We’re not much of a marathon runner, I mean, the longest we’ve run was probably from immigration to our departure gate cause our plane was leaving.

And if I really HAD to run, I would much prefer doing short distance sprints than having to conquer miles after miles of nothing but road. But that’s not the case for these 6 marathon runs from around the world.

Popsugar recently teamed up with Hilton to produce a series of Marathons and their dates that is worth traveling around the globe for.; Marathons where running isn’t even the whole point of the race.

Other interesting Marathons not listed in the video include:

  • Athens Classic Marathon

    world marathons
    Starting with a 2.2km downhill run, the Athens Classic takes runners around Athens and it’s war memorial make it a truly meaningful and insightful run. Next race: 8th Nov 2015

  • Boston Marathon

    world marathons
    Most of us would have probably heard about the Boston Marathon in light of what happened in 2013. The course is a 42km long run that runs through eight Massachusetts cities and towns. But the highlight of the run has to be the legendary heartbreak hill. Thou only 0.4mile (600m) long and only 88feet (27m) vertical, the placement of the hill that comes in at around the 20 and 21-mile (32 and 34 km) marks where muscles would have fatigue makes the hill much larger than it actually is. Next Race: 18th April 2016

  • Big Sur International Marathon

    world marathonsThis run takes you along the most scenic route in California. The hug hugs the coastline so like the Great Ocean road run in the video, one can expect head and sidewinds to be strong and difficult. But with ranches & beautiful trees on one side and the majestic Pacific on the other, one can barely stay focus on actually running the marathon. Next Race: 26th April 2016

  • Napa Valley Marathon

    world marathons
    If you love greenery, this is the run for you. The Napa Valley Marathon takes you back to mother nature with it’s scenic view of trees & vineyards found along the race route. The race is mostly downhill which makes it a great run even for beginners. Next Race: 6th March 2016

  • Virgin Money London Marathon

    If there’s 2 things that we know, is that London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the second, is that Virgin (yes, i mean the company) knows how to have fun. This run brings you along London’s attractions such as the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London etc. Get fit, have fun and see a city all at the same time, whats not to love? Next Race: 20~23rd April 2016 The catch? Capping the number of particpants, the Virgin Money London Marathon race operates by a ballot system to decide who gets to run, and the bad news is that balloting is over for the 2016 races.

While we have never run any of the above Marathons ourselves, but if you have been following our Singapore Travel Blog, you would know which of the above are we most likely to participate in in the near future 😉

Here’s a hint:

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