Top 9 Cheap Beach Holiday reachable via Budget Carrier

A beach holiday is one of the perfect getaway from our daily lives, where most of us spend a huge chunk of our time at work/school. A beach holiday offers us a chance to just leave everything behind and just take a step back as we embrace the serenity a beach holiday brings.

beach holiday

In fact, a survey by Expedia has shown that 70% of Singaporeans associate overall happiness with regular beach holidays! But the best part about everything is that with the introduction of Low-cost Budget Carriers, a beach holiday too can be cheap and affordable!

Here’s our Singapore Travel Blog‘s recommendations of our Top 9 beach holidays reachable via budget carriers in no order of Merit!

1. Boracay

Whenever we talk about Beach Holidays, Boracay will always always be one of the first few places that comes to our mind. It is in fact, in our humble opinion, one of the best beach holiday destination anywhere in Asia! The relatively longer journey to get to Boracay (READ: How to get to Boracay) also means that it deters a lot of people from getting there, which also equates to better kept and less as touristy beaches!


Boracay beaches are pristine, white and soft, a fact that you would immediately recognize the moment your feet touches the sand. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for the array of water activities found throughout the island (READ: Things to do in Boracay). If you are a certified diver and is visiting at the right season, you can even join in one of the diving tours to see wild Whale Sharks that bypass the area during migration. When the sun sets, kickback with a bottle of beer and relax with some seafood or massage. The perfect holiday to forget all about your worries back home.

Budget carrier that flies into Boracay from Singapore: Tiger Airlines

2. Bali


Bali is a popular tourist destination and for good reason. Bali faces the Indian Ocean which results in humongous waves that people all around the world fly in to surf in. It’s beautiful long beaches turn more magnificent at sundown and it’s no secret that Bali has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region. After dark, you can join in the popular nightlife at Seminyak to complete your day.

Budget carrier that flies into Bali from Singapore: Tiger Airlines, Jetstar

3. Bali (Lombok)


It’s kind of a cheat, adding Lombok into the list as it is technically still Bali. But just a short ferry trip away from Bali is it’s less as known but equally, if not more beautiful counterpart, Lombok. The Gili Islands of Lombok is a must visit and has been said to be the “Maldives of Indonesia” that promises that kind of blue water without having to fly that far!

Budget carrier that flies into Bali from Singapore: Take a Budget Carrier to Bali and do a ferry transfer. Alternatively, AirAsia flies directly to Lombok from KL

4. Phuket


Phuket, another popular beach holiday destination, is Thailand’s largest island. The best part about Phuket is that unlike some of the other destinations on the list that requires abit of transfering to get there and hence would require slightly more days, Phuket offers the perfect weekend beach getaway. Budget carriers fly direct into Phuket and from there, a quick car transfer to your hotel would take no longer than 2hrs. In another words, from the moment you step on the plane in Singapore, it would take you no longer than 6 hours before you are on the beach and enjoying the hot phuket sun.

Budget carrier that flies into Phuket from Singapore: Jetstar, Tiger, Scoot, Airasia

5. Cebu


While Boracay is the relatively more famous Beach destination, ask any Filipinos where is the prettiest Beach in the Philippines and they would undoubtedly tell you Cebu. Cebu is another hidden gem that is not as known, but has so much to offer. (READ: Cebu Island Guide)

Budget carrier that flies into Cebu from Singapore: Tigerair

6. Surfer’s Paradise (Gold Coast)


While not exactly a beach destination per say, Gold Coast’s world famous surfer’s paradise is still worth a mention! Located right next to Gold Coast CBD area, the beaches in Australia brings about a whole different beach holiday experience as compared to the rest around Asia. For one, you’ll be surrounded by westerners and if you visit in the right season, basking in the sun don’t have to be all hot and sweaty.

Budget carrier that flies into Gold Coast from Singapore: Scoot, Airasia, JetStar

7. Bondi Beach (Sydney)


Another alternative to visiting Gold Coast’s Surfer’s Paradise, is it’s counterpart at Sydney, Bondi Beach. Known for it’s glorious sunrise that is set against their turquoise waters, Bondi beach is an iconic beach known throughout Australia and allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular views of the Pacfic Ocean.

Budget carrier that flies into Gold Coast from Singapore: Scoot, Airasia, JetStar

8. Brighton Beach (Melbourne)


Brighton Beach offers everything Bondi and Surfer’s has to offer and one more, their brightly coloured beach house that has made the social media feed of every friend/family who has been there.

Budget carrier that flies into Gold Coast from Singapore: Scoot, Airasia, JetStar

9. Maldives


Maldives needs no introduction. It is the beach holiday of all beach holidays, the crème de la crème. Maldives is known for being one of the most romantic place on earth thanks to it’s beaches and 50 shades of blueish waters. But what is NOT known to many is that there are budget carriers flying into Maldives from Singapore and getting there may not be as expensive as you thought it might be!

Budget carrier that flies into Gold Coast from Singapore: TigerAir

But regardless of which of the above mentioned Beach Holiday you decide to embark on, no one wants to have their expensive DSLR camera covered with sand or risk having it being stolen when you are out in the sea having fun with your family/loved ones, so we strongly recommend you bring a GoPro along for your holiday in order to be able to capture beautiful pictures/videos even when you are in the water, without being afraid of spoiling it.

Document your well-deserved beach holiday with your family and loved ones in a video like this:



Take underwater pictures with a GOPRO such as this:


There are so many benefits of having a Gopro along for a beach holiday. But if you have read our previous article on 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Gopro , you’ll know that buying a GoPro just for your beach holiday seems not only silly, but also very expensive. Instead, why not rent one for as little as just SGD8/day from Rentsomethingleh is a local Gopro rental company that allows travelers to rent Gopro and their specific mounts (depends on the purpose of your rental) for the entire duration of your holiday.

We have in fact gotten and used the GoPro from rentsomethingleh in our recent Maldives trip and the entire Maldives video seen above was actually shot using both the Gopro and GoPro stick from

That sums up our travel blog‘s 9 beach holiday destinations reachable via budget carrier. What are some of your favorite beaches that aren’t too expensive to fly there? Let us know in the comments below!


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