9 must haves in your Beach vacation packing checklist

Beach vacations are literally one of the best types of vacation to relax your mind and forget about all your worries. It’s the kind of vacations that most of us work hard all year round just to be able to look forward to one at the end of the year.


A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you our Top 9 beach destinations reachable via low cost carriers and we hope you have already managed to book your flights out to any of our recommended 9 locations this year.

In order for you guys not to have to worry about your upcoming beach vacation (which is supposedly what a beach vacation should be, a worry-free one), our Singapore Travel Blog has took the liberty to help you do up a beach vacation packing list, in order to ensure you brought along everything you need for your upcoming beach holiday!

1. Water Resistant Sunblock

To bring a sunblock lotion/spray to a beach vacation is self-explanatory. It helps to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays you are about to expose your skin to. What you should take note is that the sunblock you are bringing is water-resistant and is of at least 50 SPF. Because unlike our usual day to day use of sunblock, we would most likely be heading into the water and would be out in the sun for hours without any shade. We also encourage people to get a sunblock instead of a sun tan lotion due to it’s harmful effects. But don’t worry, considering how much time you are about to spend in the sun, you would most likely still get a good amount of tan either way!

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gels help to soothe the skin and reduces those painful sunburnt itch through its natural cooling effects. While the constant application of sunblock is in hopes of preventing our skin from ever getting those nasty sunburns, it’s always better to have it and not need it, then to need it but not have it.

3. Moisturizer

Your skin takes an absolute beating being out in the sun the whole day. Even if you might not feel it, the sun dries out your skin and you might experience flaky skin. It’s always good to apply some moisturizer to pamper your skin as you sleep at night. Alternatively, if you are looking to save space, combine point 2 and 3 by using a moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera.

4. Lip Balm

Men hate it, we know. But being out in the sun all day, your lips are usually one of the first few parts to get burnt and we all know that painful feeling of having to rip out skin from your lips. Think about it, being out in the sun all day, your skin gets it’s protection from sunblock but your lips are the only one that’s severely exposed.

5. Shades / Hat


Fun fact: Do you know that wearing non-uv protection shades causes more damage to your eyes than not wearing any at all? The Layman’s explanation (because we are a travel blog and not some scientific website) is that, it’s because of the bright and harmful rays from the sun that causes our eyes to squint as a natural body reaction to reduce the amount of light entering our eyes. But if you wore shades that are not uv protected, our eyes are made to believe that it is a dark place and our pupils dilate, allowing more harmful light to enter our eyes.

So do make sure that the shades you bring along contains UV protection and leave your cheap bargained shades you bought at the market for some other time as a fashion accessory.

6. Mosquito repellent

A mosquito repellent is highly subjective. We added this to the list cause most beach holidays happen on islands and may be inhabited by mosquitoes at night. We personally have had bad experience with mosquitoes during our Bali beach vacation sometime back when the both of us got pretty badly stung. It did take a swing at our mood during the trip and we would hate for the same to happen to you.

7. A good book

Ok trust us on this. No matter how beautiful that water seems or how fine the sand feels, the adrenaline of a new beach only keeps you occupied for that long and sun tanning can be a rather boring and slow activity. Bring along a good book to pass time and gain some knowledge as the sound of waves crashing acts as your background music.

8. GoPro

I cannot emphasize the need for a GoPro more than at a beach vacation. Just take a minute and think about what exactly you would be doing at your holiday; probably tanning by the beach and occasionally even going into the sea for a quick dip.

And throughout all the above mentioned situation, you wouldn’t want to be lugging your heavy and bulky DSLR around on the beach and risk getting it sandy or stolen when you are out in the water. The good news is that with technological advancement, GoPro cameras now too take top quality pictures that would give DSLR cameras a run for their money. GoPro cameras come with a housing that allows user to not only take pictures/videos on land, but also when you are out having fun with your family/loved ones at sea.

Sometimes you want to go back in life, not to change things, but to experience them twice https://livelaughtravel.net

A video posted by LiveLaughTravel.net (@livelaughtravelnet) on

But don’t fret about buying a GoPro just because you have a beach vacation coming up. You can simply do what we did and rent one from rentsomethingleh.com for as little as SGD8/day.

Depending on what kinda activities you are looking at, you can even rent mounts and various accessories from them which would otherwise might have cost you more than the price of your entire beach vacation.

9. Towel

Depending on whether anot your villa/hotel provides you with a towel to use at the beach, you would have to bring at least one body length one and we recommend bringing one face towel too. If you are not reading or get tired after reading, put a face towel over your face to prevent your face from getting sunburnt as you take a short nap under the sun. A face towel when rolled up properly, also acts as a tiny pillow that is relatively much more comfortable than lying on sand.

That’s our travel blog’s 9 recommended checklist to bring along for your beach vacation packing list! What are some of the things you bring for your beach holiday?

Share us know in the comments below!

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