MUST READ: Don’t throw away your Boarding Pass & don’t take a picture of it

Most of us have been there and we ourselves have admitted done it before too! Posting pictures of our boarding pass either pre-flight when we are leaving or when we are coming home!


For our case at least, it’s usually cause we look the shittest on-board when we are decked in our comfortable sleeping jammies but the excitement of leaving for a trip makes us want to post/share something on our social media. So if you are anything like the people behind this Singapore Travel Blog, chances are that you would turn to snapping pictures of your passport/boarding pass and choosing to post that instead. That has to STOP!

The thing is, for most of us unsuspecting tourist, we are unaware of the dangers a simple photo like this can do. The world is so much darker for people with ill intentions and that is truly the case for our boarding pass pictures as hackers or the ill-intended would be able to use such a simple picture to hack into the system and find out all our information and/or even change the ownership of miles to themselves.

Unknown to most is that the bar codes found on our boarding passes contain alot of personal information about us such as our full name, tel number, frequent flyer number and flight information, which then can be used to access your flyer account reset the pin number/change ownership of your miles to theirs.

What’s worst is that with technological advancement, the QR codes and Bar codes that airlines print on your boarding passes these days, can be easily read with the use of simple and FREE apps found on android and smart phone devices.

When questioned, most people simply answer that it’s just not something that they think about.

Well, it is time to think about it the next time you decide to leave your boarding pass on the plane or worst, when you want to post a picture of your boarding pass on your social media platforms, which only makes the hacker’s job easier not having to even leave his/her home.

Experts claim that the information on your boarding pass generally lasts for 2 days and suggests that we should hold on to it till then and only shred it away after to prevent hackers from stealing our information

Watch how easily it is for people to steal your information with the use of your boarding pass in the following 2 videos which we reckon is a must watch for everybody!

The following 4 mins would change your view on your boarding pass forever:

The above is also applicable to leaving your email/letters of your electronic ticket that most airlines use these days to send you your confirmation.

We have made mistakes and posted such pictures online in the past, our travel blog included, but it’s better knowing this late than never!

SHARE this article with all your friends and family about the information on their boarding pass which they probably didn’t know about, and you might just be saving them from alot of trouble and money!

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