4 tips to make travel day easier


Heading off on vacation should be an exciting time, but in reality it’s often a time that’s fraught with stress and a sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten something quite important. It’s not impossible to cut down on pre-vacation stress, in fact it’s quite easy, but it takes practice, and it also takes some serious organisation.

If you find yourself getting stressed out prior to your departure day, check out these 4 handy tips on how to slash those stress levels, and keep your blood pressure firmly in check.

Organisation is key

You need to know that everything is where it should be, and a lot of the time that revolves around your travel documentation. Check everything well ahead of time, including passport validity and the possible need for a visa. If you need to apply for a new passport or you do need to formally apply for a visa to visit your intended destination, then this can sometimes be a lengthy process – do it at the time of booking your vacation to cut down on risk since Visas usually last for months! Once you have everything you need printed out and ready, keep it in a folder in your travel bag, preferably in the order you’re going to need it. It sounds horribly organised, but believe me, it really does work!

Research ahead of time

If you know what to expect then you’re going to be calmer as a result, this is just human nature and something we can’t avoid. Spontaneity might be the spice of life, but it does nothing to calm pre-travel stress levels. Head online and check out the facilities at your departure airport, find out the in-flight films available to get you excited about your upcoming travels, and do some in-depth research into your destination. For example, if you’re heading somewhere totally different, such as the mysterious and exciting Far East, head online and find out what you can expect by *cough checking out a certain Singapore travel blog for example *cough, helping you turn your travel anxiety into travel excitement. It’s all about altering your mind-set.

Arrive at your departure point early

Take a day/half day off at work on departure day. I’m not suggesting you arrive at the airport, port, or coach station considerably early, because you’re only going to get bored, but arriving around half an hour or an hour before you really need to will help cut out the worry of a delay on the way. I’ve heard of so many friends who refuse to take that extra half day off at work and end up having to drag their luggage to work before cabbing straight to the airport and rushing to their departure gate. You’ve worked so hard to earn your vacation, you can afford to take a half day and tune yourself out from work and go into full swing holiday mood!

Share the load

If you’re traveling as a family or as a group and you seem to be the one stuck with the responsibility of making sure everyone gets where they need to be on time, or making sure everything is packed where it needs to be – delegate! You are not an island, and it’s not fair that everyone else gets to enjoy the pre-vacation build up and you’re stuck getting stressed out over a suitcase! Share the load! Someone arranges pickup transportation, another plans place of interest etc

There is always going to be a certain amount of stress attached to travel day and the immediate period of time before it, but focusing on your final destination is the perfect way to minimise your worry and panic – before you know it you’ll be sipping cocktails on that idyllic beach!

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