13 must have/dos in your travel packing list

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Things not to forget when booking a vacation

Pre-vacation time is a time filled with excitement and looking forward to what you’re going to experience on your travels. Having said that, pre-vacation time is also a time of potential pitfalls in terms of forgetting something important!

Before you head off on your long-awaited break, remember to check you have everything you need for not only your travels, but also your documentation in order to leave the country or region in the first place!

Consider this our Singapore Travel Blog travel packing tick list to ensure smooth and uneventful onwards travel.

1) Passport and visa

Check your passport validity as most destinations require around six months left on your passport after you have returned home. You also need to check whether you need a visa for your destination, by checking on your consulate website well ahead of time. If you need to apply in a formal manner this can be a lengthy process, so make it your first port of call.

2) Health issues

Do you need any immunisations or medication for your destination? Check with your healthcare professional around a month or so before you depart, and ensure you have enough of your regular medications to last you during your vacation. Make sure you pack these in your hand luggage, in the labelled boxes.

3) Weather & apparel

Have you checked what the weather is going to be like when you get there? Would it be summer, winter or raining season? Remember to bring an umbrella if it’s raining and pack your essentials such as your jacket, gloves, earmuffs etc to keep warm during winter. Pack the right gear for the right weather.

4) Travel insurance

Never travel without insurance! You can easily find good quality, low cost policies online, and all you need to do is remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking your policy. In the event of a problem, you’ll be glad you took the time out to arrange your cover.

5) Tell your bank

If you’re planning on using your credit or debit cards overseas make sure you inform your bank or credit card company of your intention, giving them details on where you’re going, when, and how long for. This doesn’t totally eradiate the possibility of your card being blocked whilst you’re away for suspected fraud, but it does go a long way to prevent it.

6) Ensure you have all your paperwork

Not every airline now requires you to have a flight confirmation print out, but it’s always worthwhile to have it just in case. Print out all your confirmations, including flight, transfers, accommodation, and any travel to the airport, and keep them in a folder in your hand luggage, as well as all your insurance information too. Keep these in the order you’re likely to need them, to stop you having to rummage around for a piece of paper when you’re in a hurry.

7) Currency (Local and USD)

Remember to take a little currency for the place you’re visiting, to get you through the first few days. You will almost always get a better currency exchange rate in resort, so it’s not the best idea to change it all beforehand, and instead take a little to get you through and change the rest when you’re there.

8) Travel Adapter

Do you know what kind of plugs is your destination gonna have? Check out our Universal Adapter guide to make sure you bring the right ones for you to charge your devices etc

9) Driving License

This is especially important if you plan to do a road trip. Don’t find yourself ending up like us during our Bali Police “Scam”.

10) Baby stuff

While adults can wait, most babies cant. If you are traveling with an infant, remember to bring all the stuff he needs such as his favorite pillow, milk powder, diapers etc, for when an adult is hungry or needs to go, we can generally wait till we come across the next food joint, when a baby wants to eat, he wants it now and wouldn’t stop letting you know that he does till you do feed him.

11)  Phone and Camera

Pack your phone and camera for obvious reasons. So people can stay in touch with you and you can take beautiful travel photos and travel videos on your trip.

12) Local Embassy Number

Pack/Save your country’s embassy number in your phone for worse case scenario reasons. To know that you have someone to reach out to when things go really really bad.

13) Sanitary pad (For girls)

For girls on their period, don’t forget to bring your Sanitary Pad and/or Tampons as sometimes you don’t know when would you come across a place that sells one.

We understand this list isn’t comprehensive, it wasn’t meant to be, this are the absolutely critical bare essentials you need to have/do when you plan your travel packing list as things. Tick these items off your list and you won’t be forgetting anything majorly important for your onwards travel. The rest? Well, you can easily sort that out whilst you’re there.

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