5 Tips for travel with kids


It’s the holidays again and it’s time for the family to get away as a whole! Family vacations are what memories are made of, and I still remember my first few trips away, memories from my childhood. Despite that, there’s no denying that for mom and dad the stress of travelling with little ones in tow can be a little, well, extreme at times!

Once you arrive in your destination and begin your fun-filled break all the memories of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ tend to melt away, but at the time it can feel like the journey is never going to end.

There are a few things you can do to minimise the stress of travel day on such occasions, so the next time you’re heading off for a family break, see if some of our Singapore Travel Blog 5 suggestions help things run a little smoother for you and your partner.

1) Stock up on sleep ahead of time

Tired, grumpy children equal stress and tantrums. Try and leave the house at a reasonable time of day, and not in the middle of the night if at all possible. Try and keep a routine in place in the days running up to your vacation too, to ensure your children get their usual amount of sleep, so over-tiredness doesn’t play a part in proceedings, pushing towards tantrums on the day of departure. The same can be said for mom and dad – get plenty of sleep beforehand.


2) Try and keep a routine going on departure day

This isn’t the easiest of tasks because travel is a pretty abnormal entry into a regular day. You’re stuck at the mercy of airport departures and you can’t just go when you want to. Whilst it isn’t easy to keep a routine going in terms of sleep and meals, you can at least try as much as possible. Once you arrive at the airport for instance, head to a restaurant for a sit down family meal, rather than stocking up on fast food, to make sure everyone has a nutritious meal. This is also a treat which kick-starts your family vacation too.

3) Avoid sugary snacks and treats

Too much sugar means hyperactive children, and hyperactive children crash at some stage and tears take over. Try and stick to healthy snacks as much as possible, and avoid sugary drinks.

4) Distraction is your friend

Travel day generally means a lot of waiting around, and boredom can easily creep in. Try and keep your little ones distracted as much as possible, and this is where technology is certainly your friend. Load up that iPad with games, books, apps, and films, and consider buying a mobile battery so you can fill up the juice when it flashes red.

5) Stay calm

Probably the most important piece of advice out there is to remain calm. This isn’t easy when your children are screaming because they want to get to their destination and they simply have to wait, but if you become stressed out and visibly irate then it’s only going to transfer to them and make the whole situation ten times worse. Breathe deeply, focus on your destination, and remember that it will all be worth it in the end.

We hope you have found our Travel Blog useful and don’t forget to share these tips with anyone you know who are traveling with kids.

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